Wanderlust #1 (Wanderlust #1) by Quin (ePUB)

//Wanderlust #1 (Wanderlust #1) by Quin (ePUB)

Wanderlust #1 (Wanderlust #1) by Quin (ePUB)

Wanderlust #1 (Wanderlust #1) by Quin (ePUB)
Please check the warning section inside the book.

I had nowhere to be. Nowhere to go.
No family. No friends. Nothin’ worth staying for.
So I walked away.

Then I bump into him in the middle of a podunk little town.
This Southern boy with a smile that makes my knees go weak.
This grown ass man with a secret I want to know.
When he comes too close, I feel like I’ll melt away.

But does he feel it too?

How thick the air is when he’s right in front of me…
How I want him to meet my burning gaze…
And if he does, will be back away or will he stay?

***WANDERLUST #1 is a slow burn romance, featuring hurt/comfort as well as detailed adult m/m content

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