Dear Cassius by Alice Winters (ePUB)

//Dear Cassius by Alice Winters (ePUB)

Dear Cassius by Alice Winters (ePUB)

Dear Cassius by Alice Winters (ePUB)
Dear Cassius,
Do you feel me watching you?

When Cassius starts his junior year of college, he has no idea how different it will be. The only thing he’s worried about is getting through college and his unrequited love for his best friend.

Initially, Cassius thinks nothing of the picture with a strange note slipped under the windshield wiper of his car, but it ends up changing his entire life.

Dear Cassius,
I can’t look away from you.

As strange things begin to occur around Cassius, he starts to feel like someone is watching him, following him. Stalking him. They are determined to destroy his peace of mind and the people around him. Thankfully, his friends and family are there to support him. But who can he trust when no one seems to be who he thought they were?

Cassius realizes that sometimes love can be found at the wrong time. But right now, love may be what he needs to help him get through this alive. Can Cassius open himself up to new love when he’s not sure he can trust those closest to him?

Dear Cassius is a light thriller with a romantic subplot. There is suspense and some violence, with the promise of a happy ending

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