Burn by Lauren Milson (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

//Burn by Lauren Milson (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

Burn by Lauren Milson (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

Burn by Lauren Milson (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)
When I save a beauty from a fire engulfing LA’s grimiest pawn shop, she tells me she owes me her life.
But I don’t want her life.
I want her.
When she’s torn away and put in the back of the ambulance, she took my heart along for the ride.
I won’t be able to breathe again until I find her.
All I know is that she has a cute little white car, adores hula dancers, and lives on the wrong side of Sunset Boulevard.
I vow to find her, even if I have to burn this city to the ground.
And when I do?
It’ll be nothing but scorching, white-hot love forever.

Leave all expectations of any semblance of reality at the door.

No cheating, because once Flint sets his sights on Bug, he will never have eyes for any other woman again.

HEA, because Flint’s little love Bug deserves the world, and he’ll make sure she gets it.

If you want a crazy over-the-top insta-love romance to add a little fun to your day, jump on in – the fire’s fine.

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