Between Us by A.J. Easton (ePUB)

//Between Us by A.J. Easton (ePUB)

Between Us by A.J. Easton (ePUB)

Between Us by A.J. Easton (ePUB)
Do you crave romances brimming with passion, drama, and love?

Then Between Us , a 3-book gay romance collection from A. J. Easton is the bundle for you. From secret trysts between members of a rock band, to passions and desires once unknown, to mind-blowing first time experiences, the 3 M/M romance books in this bundle are sure to satisfy.

In these three books you’ll be taken on through the ups and downs of the lives of three couples searching not just for love, but truth, in some cases truths they have denied. You’ll discover their loves, uncover their fantasies, and share in their love and happy endings.

This bundle contains the following books: Theory of Us, For All I Am, and You’re My Music.

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