Once Upon A Time (Possessed 0.5) by K.L. Donn (ePUB)

//Once Upon A Time (Possessed 0.5) by K.L. Donn (ePUB)

Once Upon A Time (Possessed 0.5) by K.L. Donn (ePUB)

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verb – bully:
use superior strength or influence to intimidate

Have you ever:
Wondered the thoughts of the bullied?
Wondered what happened when they left?
Cecilia Marks is bullied.
Bullied her entire life over an accident she had no control over, Cecilia begins college hoping for a fresh start. She’s faced with the same bullies, only with crueler taunts, and words that can slice deeper than the sharpest of knives. A short run in with a stunning man had her world turning upside down in ways she never expected.

Did you know:
He is her white knight?
He is relentless?
Landon Powers is possessed.
Walking into a college ten years after he’d left, Landon didn’t expect to fall for the gorgeous brunette he runs into. But there she was, soft spoken, meek, the strongest woman he’d ever met. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Including making it known she wasn’t to be bullied.

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