Untouchable: Haven Falls (Book 1) by Sheridan Anne (ePUB)

//Untouchable: Haven Falls (Book 1) by Sheridan Anne (ePUB)

Untouchable: Haven Falls (Book 1) by Sheridan Anne (ePUB)

Untouchable: Haven Falls (Book 1) by Sheridan Anne (ePUB)
It’s official…
I’m the biggest loser in Haven Falls… FML!
Things couldn’t possibly get worse from here.
Everyone leaves me. My mom, my friends… Kaylah. It’s like the curse of Henley Bronx. Forever alone, and that’s no exaggeration. I’m all I’ve got in this world. Just me, myself, and I… and my goldfish, Frog.
Who would have thought that throwing a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese all over the school bad boy would change it all? I sure as hell didn’t. If anything, I was expecting a very different outcome.
Noah Cage. What can I say? He’s the pack leader. He stormed in, tattooed up with muscles for days, desperate to prove he’s not like the rest. He saved me while sweeping me right off my feet, but really… I think I saved him too.
He wormed his way in and brought love, happiness, and friendship with him and now the thought of losing him tears me apart, but if my track record is anything to go by, he’ll leave me, just like everyone else. It’s inevitable.
I’d give anything for Noah Cage to prove me wrong.

Will the Henley Bronx curse return once again to take away my only happiness or do I finally have what it takes to turn this bad boy my way?

WARNING: The Haven Falls Series is a Young Adult / New Adult Romance filled with LOL moments, teenage angst, and of course, all the swoon-worthy moments I know you’re all dying for. This series is recommended for mature readers due to cursing and sexual content. If this offends you, then steer clear of this bad boy romance!
For everyone else, dive in and have fun!
Haven Falls is a standalone series, however for ultimate enjoyment, it is recommended this series be read after completing The Broken Hill High Series. The time frame of this series is set after book 4 of The Broken Hill High Series.

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