Two Kinds Of Truth by Lynette Creswell

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Two Kinds Of Truth by Lynette Creswell

‘If you can’t trust the man you love, then who can you trust?’

How far would your husband go to give you the baby you so desperately desire? The child he can never father himself because he’s infertile?

Maddie McKinley’s about to find out.

After several failed IVF attempts, Maddie hopes to rekindle the passion of their honeymoon by having a mini-break in the Highlands of Scotland. However, Callum, her husband, has a hidden agenda. Balinriach Farm is home to his identical twin brother, Jamie. Loyal and faithful, Jamie’s integrity is pushed to the limit when Callum begs his twin to switch places and sleep with his wife, without her knowledge.

Maddie’s world is turned upside down when an emotional trail of deceit and lies unravel, revealing a much darker secret in Callum’s life. A revelation with the ability to destroy everything Maddie truly loves. But the more Maddie learns about her husband, the deeper the chasm between them grows.

With the true Callum exposed, can Maddie learn to live a lie, or will her husband’s subterfuge crush her once and for all?

The heart-wrenching new novel from Lynette Creswell, will leave you breathless, spellbound, and begging for more!

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