Teddy by Jade Kuzma (ePUB)

//Teddy by Jade Kuzma (ePUB)

Teddy by Jade Kuzma (ePUB)

Teddy by Jade Kuzma (ePUB)
“I give every man the same advice on women: get what you can then get the hell out. Every broad in Ivory wants you when you’re a Cobra, so you might as well take advantage.
But her… Summer isn’t like these other women. I guess that’s why I fell so damn hard for her the first time.
She don’t got time for any of that now though. Don’t matter. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe…”

“I might have grown up in Ivory but it’s not for me. I’m a simple woman. I just want to live a simple life. And being with a man like Theo was never simple.
But extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. I don’t know how I got into this mess but he’s the only one who can help me out of it. No problem. All I have to do is keep my feelings in check. But I’d be lying to myself if I said there wasn’t something still there though. Just my damn luck…”

Welcome back to Ivory…

Patched into one of the most notorious MCs in Ivory, Theo’s only obligation is to himself and his ride. He lives the life most men dream about, indulging in a new woman every night. Things change when Summer comes back to Ivory. Even though it’s been years, his old flame sparks feelings they both thought were long buried. But Summer’s visit to Ivory is more serious than Theo could ever imagine.

The two of them work together to solve a mystery. For Theo, he’s willing to do anything he can for his ex-old lady. For Summer, she has to balance solving a crime while figuring out how to keep her feelings in check. This is Ivory though. And in this town, secrets don’t stay buried for long…

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