Sophie (Signature Sweethearts #5) by Kelsie Rae (ePUB)

//Sophie (Signature Sweethearts #5) by Kelsie Rae (ePUB)

Sophie (Signature Sweethearts #5) by Kelsie Rae (ePUB)

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Aren’t one night stands supposed to stay in the past? Aren’t they supposed to be with a stranger whom you never have to see again?

Yeah. I thought so too.

And then one of my best friends asks me to be the maid-of-honor at her wedding.

Wanna take a guess who the best man is?

I’m screwed.


I don’t do feelings. I don’t do relationships. And I sure as hell don’t do love.

And then I was stupid enough to sleep with Soph. The girl who screwed with my head in ways I never could’ve imagined.

So I left.

I ran.

And I’m going to continue to run as soon as my best friend’s wedding is over.

It’s one weekend. How hard can it be?

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