Shared by the Mountain Men by Eddie Cleveland

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Shared by the Mountain Men by Eddie Cleveland

Ever heard of crashing a party? Well, I crashed the lives of two of the hottest guys I’ve ever laid eyes on.


I’m not interested in another relationship. I’m done with heartbreak, humiliation and pain. But when my little plane takes a nosedive in an Alaskan field, it seems like fate has other plans for me.

Two tall, sexy men. One with blue eyes and one with eyes the color of steel, rescue me from the wreckage. They nurse me back to health, caring for me day and night in the middle of the biggest snow storm we’ve seen this year.

Did I mention they’re both ex-SEALs?

They grew up together, joined the military together and moved to Alaska together. And now they both want me– together–at the same time. I’ve never been shared by two men. Hell, I had all but sworn off all guys before this.

But the idea of both their hands roaming my body. Both their mouths kissing my tender skin. Both their tongues tasting me. Both their… well, you get the idea!

Well, what would you do?

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