Savage Kiss:(The Bad Boys Who Broke Me Collection Book 1) by Lena Pierce

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Savage Kiss:(The Bad Boys Who Broke Me Collection Book 1) by Lena Pierce

I took her unprotected just to keep her safe.
I’m holding her here under the president’s orders.
But the fiery mystery that drove Meghan into my arms has hidden layers I never expected.
She doesn’t want my help, but she’s getting it anyways.
We’ll find the answers she wants. Then I’ll pin her down and take what I want, too.


When your MC president gives you a job, you do it.
No questions. No dallying.
Just get the sh!t done.

But when the job turns out to be snatching up his baby sister and keeping her under my eye, things get a little more interesting.

It doesn’t hurt that Meghan is a stone cold fox, with the temper to match.
She’s feisty. I like that in a woman.

It makes it all the more fun when I break them.

But what was supposed to be a simple bodyguard job turned into exile and war as we run from the men who seem to want her dead.

Protecting your mark is never easy, but it’s even harder when I’m dying inside to get my hands on her curvy little frame.
Every time she smiles at me, I feel emotions bubbling to the surface.
Things I haven’t felt in years.
Things that make me want to break all the rules to make her mine.

F**k it all.
I’ve decided I want her in my arms.
And I don’t care what I have to do to keep her there.


I left behind everything to make a life for myself.
The biker world has long since receded in my rearview mirror.
Now, all I want is piece in my little corner of the city.
No war, no choppers, no dead bodies.
Just quiet. Calm. Gratitude.

But I soon learn that it’s not so easy to escape the outlaw lifestyle.
My brother – the one who refused to give up his biker ways when I left – calls me out of the blue.
His voice is different than I remember.
Darker. Deeper. More haunted and cruel.

He tells me I’m in danger.
Whether I like it or not, he’s pulling me back into the world of the Shattered Hearts MC.

He says it’s for my own good.
But the man he sends to collect me doesn’t seem good at all.
In fact, he’s the definition of a bad boy.

Dirk Dvorak is everything I ran away from.
Massive, muscled, tatted, and terrifying.

But he keeps making me react to his presence in ways I never anticipated.
He takes what he wants.
And gives me only what I beg for.

I’m forced to watch from within the MC clubhouse as my little store goes up in flames.
No one seems to give a d*mn about finding out who wanted to hurt me so bad.
Not even my dear brother.
No one, that is – except for Dirk.

And the longer I spend on the hunt for answers with the biker bad boy by my side, the more I find out about the man he truly is.
And the more I fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole I tried so desperately to claw my way out of.

SAVAGE KISS is a full-length, standalone, super steamy, bad boy motorcycle club romance novel from bestselling author LENA PIERCE.

This suspenseful, action-packed MC romance is intended for mature audiences, due to violence, strong language, dark themes and elements, and explicit intimate scenes.

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