Reclaiming Maysen by Liberty Parker (ePUB)

//Reclaiming Maysen by Liberty Parker (ePUB)

Reclaiming Maysen by Liberty Parker (ePUB)

Reclaiming Maysen by Liberty Parker (ePUB)
Maysen Hatchet is a bit of a loner, always watching the people around her but rarely joining in, she has a small circle of friends she trusts. Plus, a big family courtesy of the Rebel Guardians MC. The day she starts coming out of her shell is the day she meets him. Maddox Weston. Neither of them know what the future holds, but through everything – the bullying at her new high school and her fears about what she’ll do when she grows up – he’s there.

Maddox Weston knows that Maysen is special. Her kindness radiates through her and he counts himself lucky that she’s his best friend. Over the years, their friendship grows into something else and he cannot wait for the day that he can call her his.

When tragedy strikes, he’s there for her but will it be enough? Or will his Maisy-Daisy withdraw and pull away?

Could contain triggers for certain individuals. There is no sexual abuse, but there is a character who is physically assaulted. This is intended for readers 18 years of age and up.

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