Beautiful Affliction (A Dark Billionaire Romance) by Celia Loren
When 24-year old struggling artist Cora MacAuliffe takes a job as a live-in maid for the old money Redmond family, the last thing she expects is to fall for her new boss, the dangerously sexy Brent Redmond. The self-made billionaire lives a double life—in public he’s a shrewd real... Read more
Can’t Fool Me Twice by Debby Mayne
After finding out the identity of her boss, Sunny Tatum worries that she won’t ever be able to trust him. For New Yorker Dante Romero to try to pass himself off as a “Bubba” is more of a stretch than she can handle since she doesn’t see that he... Read more
Chapter and Verse (The Sloan Brothers Book 1) by Jo Willow
Deacon Sloan. His nickname, “The Lone Wolf”, says it all. He made his money in the dot-com business, pulled his two brothers on board and never looked back. Boy genius? Probably. Conceited? Definitely. Lonely? The jury’s out. One thing is for sure. At twenty-eight he’s arrogant enough to think... Read more
FREEFALL (The Indigo Lounge Series Book 5) by Zara Cox
***This Is A Standalone Novel. No Cliffhangers!*** ***PRE-ORDER FREEFALL & RECEIVE A FREE NOVELLA*** Visit:… Keely Benson: Nineteen. The age I threw my life away. Twenty-Five. The age I decided to try it a second time. Twenty-Five plus one day. The age Benedict Mason Sinclair III walked into... Read more
Lost Girl: Lost Girl Part 1 by Elodie Short
Anna Hayes is growing up in a bad place. A dirty mobile home. No dad in sight. A mom who’s more concerned about how she’ll get her next fix and an older brother that is always away working to try and make ends meet. To Anna this is normal,... Read more
Power #5 (The Power Romance Series – Book #5) by Claire Adams
In this political, tantalizing romance Amanda and President Xavier Callaway find themselves trapped in a room, the First Lady before them. Her anger seems blasé, but she does make them promise one very finite, very serious thing. This promise churns Amanda into a very serious problem. Must Amanda continually... Read more
Debauched in Diamonds (Tulle and Tulips #4) by Nikki Duncan
When it comes to programmed assumptions, the heart is definitely not an easy hack. Tulle and Tulips, Book 4 At work, Darci Drummond, aka The Bunny of Bling, shines as bright as her trademark tie-shaped diamond necklace. Her dating life is a bit more tarnished. After getting hurt by... Read more
Designing Woman (The Sloan Brothers Book 2) by Jo Willow
Anton Sloan is a player. He’s in charge of marketing for his brother Deacon’s company and that allows him the freedom to indulge in his favorite past time. Women. No one can accuse him of being the brightest of the three Sloan men, but he lives his life his... Read more
Don’t Let Me Go by Sarah Elizabeth
A tale of best friends and a black-lit back room. Alright, Violet, and how it leads to all or nothing. The burden of escape, and a shape that begs to be traced. Meeting dark eyes, carrying them for life, and engraving the way meaning lifts from unmade stars and... Read more
Eden High Series 2 Book 1 by Jordan Silver
Things are heating up in the little town of Eden, where one young girl has been attacked and no one has the answers. Now with Jace’s main suspect in some trouble of her own, everything is up in the air. Sian is on the mend under the watchful eye... Read more
Fierce Defender by Janine Kane
Danielle Thurston, a sassy lawyer with looks to kill, moves to the idyllic town of Sutherland Springs to overcome her past and find happiness. Instead, she encounters Grayson Alexander, a dangerously handsome but hardheaded DEA agent she has a rocky history with. When he’s not working undercover, Grayson, a... Read more
Eden High Series Books 1-6 (Eden High #1-6) by Jordan Silver
Sian Claiborne is not a happy camper. Just when she was getting into the groove of high school hijinks, her parents decide to pick up stakes. Now the popular cheerleader is off to the ritz and glamor of the Hollywood Hills, where her new school is home to the... Read more
Fierce Protector (Hard To Handle Series, #1) by Janine Kane
When wounded ex-SEAL Zack Norcross finally returns home to rural Texas, his life is brightened by the beautiful and sensual Eva Montgomery. Cautious but helplessly drawn to her, Zack soon discovers a dark secret which brings danger and suspicion to their quiet town. Sworn to keep Eva safe, and... Read more
Here for You by KC Ann Wright
Ashley Finding my fiancé in bed with another woman ends our decade-long relationship in an instant, but I’m not going to let it destroy me. I’ve always dedicated myself to running my father’s company, but now I want to live out my dreams. Pursue my desires. Enjoy Cam, the... Read more
Love Redeemed by Tich Brewster
Life is simple. Cassie is content with what she has, a great job and wonderful friends. Everything is perfect…until Ryder appears. She still has not forgiven him for choosing music over her eight years ago. Ryder is a rock star, living the life he had always dreamed of. He... Read more