Obsession: (Billionaire Venture Capitalist #5) by Ainsley St Claire (ePUB)

//Obsession: (Billionaire Venture Capitalist #5) by Ainsley St Claire (ePUB)

Obsession: (Billionaire Venture Capitalist #5) by Ainsley St Claire (ePUB)

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A scorching romance is all theirs… if the mob doesn’t get to her first.
Cynthia’s corporate whistleblowing against the mafia turned her life upside down. Throwing herself into a new high-powered job, she tries to ignore how her past decisions might come back to bite her. Her plan to keep everyone at arm’s length fails when a gorgeous billionaire takes her breath away, adding a potential target to the crosshairs…

Tired of gold-digging women, Todd’s stunning and brilliant new neighbor makes him feel like more than a billion bucks. He can’t wait to invest his mind, body, and soul into her and her life. If only he could figure out why she’s holding back…

When Cynthia learns the Russians want revenge, she has no choice but to spill her secrets to Todd and pray he doesn’t become the next victim.

With hitmen hot on their heels, can Cynthia and Todd keep their love alive before the mob bankrupts their future?

Obsession is the fifth standalone book in the steamy Venture Capitalist series of romantic suspense novels. If you like powerful heroes, confident women, and scorching-hot action, then you’ll love Ainsley St Claire’s tantalizing tale.

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