Miles (Savage Kings MC Book 8) by Lane Hart (ePUB)

//Miles (Savage Kings MC Book 8) by Lane Hart (ePUB)

Miles (Savage Kings MC Book 8) by Lane Hart (ePUB)

Miles (Savage Kings MC Book 8) by Lane Hart (ePUB)
Who could ever fall in love with a cold-blooded killer like me?

The answer is no one.

That’s why I’m giving up trying to find a woman who wants me for more than one rowdy night. I’m determined to find a wife instead.

If I buy a mail order bride, then she’ll have no choice but to stick around. Besides, I have plenty of money to spend thanks to all the successful Savage Kings MC legal and outlaw enterprises.

Kira’s the perfect woman, and she’s just as eager as I am to tie the knot. I didn’t ask why she needed half a million dollars; and honestly, I didn’t really care.

Maybe I should have.

A few weeks after Kira becomes my wife, I find myself in the middle of her family’s fallout with the Russian mafia.

When I shoot first and ask questions later, I unknowingly drag the entire MC into the crossfire.

Now the Russians are pissed and are out for blood. But they’ve screwed with the wrong man this time.

The Kings will do whatever it takes to protect their own, no matter the consequences.

And now that Kira is mine, I’ll gladly kill anyone who tries to hurt her.

This is the eighth book in the Savage Kings MC series but it can be read as a standalone.

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