Midnight Oil (Plaything Book 5) by Tess Oliver (ePUB)

//Midnight Oil (Plaything Book 5) by Tess Oliver (ePUB)

Midnight Oil (Plaything Book 5) by Tess Oliver (ePUB)

Midnight Oil (Plaything Book 5) by Tess Oliver (ePUB)
At Plaything, your pleasure is our business.
This month’s box: Midnight Oil

Quinn Armstrong:
I wanted her badly, so badly that I was sure I wouldn’t think straight, and I wanted her all to myself.

She was that elusive woman. The one who was taken but still ingrained in my mind. I had a playboy reputation—for good reason—but I’d break all the rules for her. Suzy Q was worth it. She was worth it all.
Now, I had my chance. She’d come home with me, and I had big plans. We were definitely going to burn the midnight oil.

Suzy Riley:
I would be lying if I didn’t admit to finding myself in the occasional erotic daydream with Quinn. The man oozed sexual magnetism.

After Tate’s betrayal, the last thing I needed in my already screwed up life was Quinn Armstrong. The man was exceptionally handsome, built like a superhero and the type of guy who drew all the energy in a room. I knew who he was—a playboy extraordinaire—but I wanted just one night. I wanted to live out my fantasy of being Quinn’s for a single night. But then reality hit me, and I knew the Red Knight was the last thing I needed. Or was he the thing I needed most?

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