Just One Taste by Julia Bright

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Just One Taste by Julia Bright

Unlucky in love, Jen decides dating just isn’t her thing. Guys ask her out, but there are strange demands they make, trying to get her to change. When she meets Brent, she thinks he’s incredibly sexy, but the guy shows no interest in her.

Brent is tired of the games women play with him. He wants someone he can build a future with. When he accidently stumbles into a bakery, the beautiful woman working behind the counter catches his eye. Unsure how to get her attention, he becomes a customer, stopping by every day. His attempts to ask her out are unsuccessful until he learns it’s her birthday.

Jen isn’t sure if Brent has asked her on a real date or asked her to serve cake at his party. When they finally do come together, it’s fireworks. But Brent has to deliver devastating news about Jen’s business. Will the news end them, or can they overcome the obstacles placed in their path?

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