Gregori (Dragonfin Mated #4) by Mychal Daniels

/, Paranormal, Romance/Gregori (Dragonfin Mated #4) by Mychal Daniels

Gregori (Dragonfin Mated #4) by Mychal Daniels

.. The best part about this series? It keeps getting better! The first book had a good hook, the second one made sure you would continue the series, but this one? It captures your heart and renews your faith in love. Bravo Mrs. Daniels. You have not only earned a diehard fan, but captured a one-click spot on my Amazon’s most wanted list. I cannot wait for this journey to begin again!! ~Close Encounters with the Night Kind

Gregori: Dragofin Mated, Book #4
(A Dragofin Clan Mated Dragon-Gryphon Shifter Curvy Science Fiction•Paranormal•Fantasy Romance Series by Mychal Daniels)

As Lead Gryphon Warrior Guardian, being in flow and peace with all things has been his greatest gift…
Gregori (Greg) Griffin is the eldest of the Gryphon brothers who make up part of the famed Dragofin Clan. As second in command of the Clan his concept of power has always been that it resides as part of his flow with life. Things come when they should, has always been his motto. So, when his mate shows up at the Lair for the second time, Greg sees the wisdom of flow at work. He’s excited to start wooing her—that is until she puts up resistance, challenging him at every turn.

Zia Carter is at a crossroads in life. After almost dying, everything she’s known and believed has been turned on its head. She has always had a firm grasp on life, until now. Facing demons of the past and looking at bigger ones in the future, it’s going to take more than a hot guy like Greg Griffin’s looks and far too calm ways to prove he can keep up with her. Zia’s on a new mission to get her life. And no matter how much she’s drawn to Greg Griffin it won’t matter if he can’t match her drive and focus, because her new look on life ain’t waiting on no one.

Power. Pure and simple.
That’s what’s at stake here. This woman is going to test every shred of personal power and patience he has. Can a normally calm Greg command the respect needed to capture his mate’s heart when she turns everything about his world upside down?

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