Elusive (Princess Presley Duet #1) by S.E. Hall

/, Romance/Elusive (Princess Presley Duet #1) by S.E. Hall

Elusive (Princess Presley Duet #1) by S.E. Hall

Met her.
Got familiar.
Liked it.
A lot.

Wouldn’t mind some more.

Same ol’ story… they meet, roll around in the sheets, and get their happily ever after… or don’t. That’s how it goes, right?
So what makes us any different?

Simple. Our story involves one Presley Alexandra Beckett.
The woman who takes any and every damn thing I thought I knew and flips, twists, distorts, denies and defies it until I lose track of up from down.

Just when I start to think I’ve got her figured out… I uncover the real reason why Presley spends her life hiding behind a wall of sassy, stubborn deflection.

And now?
Now I fix it.
Free her.
Make her mine.
Whether she likes it or not.

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