Chasing Charlotte by Marissa T. Nolan

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Chasing Charlotte by Marissa T. Nolan

Kyle Chase: rock star; shameless flirt; hopelessly smitten.

She threw cold water on me, and it didn’t do a thing to dampen my enthusiasm.

If anything, it made me want her more. She’s intelligent. Sexy. She’s got killer curves and incredible blue eyes. And now she’s my personal assistant. Because for the last three months, I’ve been distracted, and my manager thinks I need a little control in my life.

But with Charlotte around, control is the last thing that’s happening. I can’t stop myself from teasing her. From wanting her. And I’ll get her. Even if I have to chase her to the ends of the Earth. I just have to find the right words.

Charlotte Reid: personal assistant; neat freak; incredibly distracted.

I didn’t mean to throw water on him. It was a huge mistake. So was that amazing, electric kiss.

And now the man who pushed me against a wall and made me feel like the sexiest woman in the world is the man I’m supposed to assist. Assist him? I’m having trouble keeping my hands off him. Those broad shoulders and that cocky smile are driving me to distraction.

I’ve got an ex-boyfriend who thinks he still owns me and an ugly apartment that’s little more than a place to lay my head. This job will give me the money to start over and live my life the way I want. Unfortunately, what I really want is Kyle. Too bad he’s my boss.

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