Owl Be Bear For You (Camp Shifter Book 1) by DJ Jennings
Hot summer fun where you’ll change…in more ways than one. Librarian Mara Scioto lives a nice, neat, orderly existence—except when she’s being attacked by uncontrolled male shifters who need to mate. Pesky little detail, right? Raised by a grandmother who hates all shifters, she has one wish: to make... Read more
Dragon Tycoon’s Fake Bride (Howls Romance) by Anya Nowlan
It was never supposed to be permanent. So why does it feel like forever? Alexis Davies knows how to dig deep, but even the curvy archaeologist wasn’t ready to find a dragon in Greece. They both want the same thing and getting it means a fake marriage, and fast.... Read more
Taming the Lion (Shifter Wars #3) by Kerry Adrienne
Pack bonds are tested in the Shifter Wars as the lion heir must choose between his legacy and his mate For Marco, heir to the lions’ throne, seizing control of the Cave of Whispers from the bear clan is more than just a quest—it’s fulfilling the legacy of his... Read more
Long Howl Good Night (Night Fall Book 11) by Delilah Devlin
Werewolf Aila Mack is ready to get her groove on during a full moon. Because she prefers to keep her liaisons strictly about the sex, she’s a part-time were-hooker. She’s had a taste of were-domination, but now prefers to be in charge of her own destiny. Brothers Kynan and... Read more
Fire in His Embrace (Fireblood Dragon #3) by Ruby Dixon
There’s only one way to tame a dragon. Emma Arroyo knows this. She also knows that the big golden dragon captured by her brother’s biker gang is in trouble, and it’s all her fault. He followed her scent, and now his life is in danger. She has to fix... Read more
A Mate to Cherish (The Hunters Book 1) by Eliza Lee,
They are fallen from grace. A race once worshipped that had grown arrogant and greedy. Now they are few and spend their lives hunting the guilty and bringing them to justice. A sexy dream. Two hot, sensual lovers. More pleasure than she’s ever felt before. What more could a... Read more
The Hidden Truth (Shadow Claw Book 7) by Sarah J. Stone
The shifters find their captive enemy as an ally in disguise, but they bear terrible news. The trouble to come was bigger than they’d ever thought. The shifters weren’t the only ones in danger. As an old enemy returned having never really disappeared as they’d thought, a new burden... Read more
The Vilka’s Mate: Scifi Alien Romance (Shifters of Kladuu Book 2) by Pearl Foxx
She crash-landed on his planet. Now it’s a race through the jungle to stay alive.. During her final flight exam before becoming the first female Falconer Elite, Jude Quincy crashes through a wormhole onto an unknown planet. Before she can catch a breath, a massive shape-shifting alien thunders onto... Read more
Battle of Illaria (Illaria #3) by Dyan Chick
Down with the Necromancer King. After discovering that she’s accidentally opened a portal to the Darkness, unleashing dark magic and speeding up the King’s plans, Etta is more determined than ever to stop him before there is nothing left in Illaria to save. Sorcerers must choose sides, dragons will... Read more
Bear-ly Time by M L Briers
Harvey wasn’t entirely sure that he was in the right frame of mind for a ready-made family. Fate had other plans. Macy was about waist height to the bear shifter and a whole heap of trouble. She turned up to challenge him at the store, where he worked, and... Read more
Zoq (Dragons Of Kelon) by Maia Starr
She was good at her job. But she never expected her job in communications to lead to communication with an attractive alien dragon shifter named Zoq Kane… Agent Heather Maven works at the Space Agency dealing in communications, but her life entails little else. When an alien ship lands... Read more
Inanimate (Cyborg #3) by Charity Parkerson
Hatred brought them together. Love tore them apart. Twenty years ago, Zephyr drew a line through the center of the world, freeing the A.I. community from human oppression. Humans haven’t stopped hunting him since. As one of the leaders of the Anti-Droid Coalition, it’s Kyle’s job to locate Zephyr... Read more
Blood Sacrifice: (Vampire Warrior Romance) (Kyn #2) by Mina Carter
To be as good as them, she has to be better… A female warrior in a world of men, Vixen has spend most of her life proving herself. The only female kyn to carry warriors marks, she’s as deadly as the blades she wields night after night, protecting the... Read more
Blood Enemy (Kyn #3) by Mina Carter
Tessa wanted a weekend of peace, rest and relaxation. And some ice-cream. House-sitting for her sister had some advantages… namely sole ownership of the tv remote and a power-shower to die for. Settling in to binge-watch her favourite films and not emerge for the entire weekend, Tessa’s plans are... Read more
Wanted By the Elven King (The Chosen Series Book 8) by Charlene Hartnady
From the bestselling Chosen Series Keto is soon to be crowned. He doesn’t feel quite ready even though it’s a day he’s been working towards his whole life. There are many changes he wants to bring about, all for the better of his people. He has a kingdom to... Read more