Little Black Book (Little Black Book #1) by Tabatha Vargo
My name’s Sebastian Black, and I want to buy you. I could have any woman I want, but I choose you. NO RELATIONSHIP, JUST SEX. Here’s my offer… I’ll put your name in my LITTLE BLACK BOOK, and when I want you, I’ll call you. When I call, you’re... Read more
Fix You by Carrie Elks
“Richard, we had a baby.” 31st December 1999. Seventeen-year-old Brit, Hanna Vincent, meets New Yorker, Richard Larsen; a Columbia student and step-son of scion Leon Maxwell. Divided by wealth, distance and a common language, an unconventional friendship grows between the two. From London to New York, from 1999 to... Read more
Bad Dog, No Biscuit by Stormy Glenn
Adjusting to life as a human isn’t easy, especially considering Benny’s growing feelings for the man that rescued him from an evil scientist. Every instinct he has says Stefan is the man for him, but the handsome man runs, making Benny wonder if these overwhelming feeling are all on... Read more
Marine for Hire by Tawna Fenske
She thought she’d sworn off military men for good…” Sam Kercher is every inch a wickedly hot Marine. Tall. Sexy. Lethal. When his best friends call in a favor, Sam is forced to face an entirely new line of duty-playing nanny for their newly divorced sister and her squirming... Read more
Sound Advice (Sensations Collection #1) by L.B. Dunbar
A gentleman should always open a door for a lady. My Nana believed in manners. Always. I was even named after her idol, Emily Post. “Nana’s Rules to Live By” were a solid set of guidelines I never questioned. But when the brooding, sexy man held the door for... Read more
Ryder (Allen Securities #4) by Madison Stevens
Irene wants to believe all she needs to heal after an emotionally abusive relationship are her friends and bakery, but Ryder Allen keeps intruding into her thoughts. Something about the huge man calls to her heart and body. Afraid to even think about loving again, she does her best... Read more
The Spitfire Series: Books 1-3 (The Spitfire #1-3) by Jordan Silver (ePUB MOBI PDF)
This volume contains the first three books of The Spitfire Series The Mouth Shane Flanagan is Prince of the City and all around badass; that is until he comes up against Arianna Rossi the young spitfire with nothing but guts and determination on her side. They butt heads at... Read more
Royal Affair by Laurie Paige (ePUB MOBI PDF)
A handsome prince + a charming mother-to-be + tabloid gossip = an unforgettable marriage! One night of passion changed Ivy Crosby’s life forever. While visiting the island of Lantanya, she met the man of her dreams. And after an evening of seduction and tenderness, she wound up pregnant–and on... Read more
The Hive Construct by Alexander Maskill (ePUB MOBI PDF)
Situated deep in the Sahara Desert, New Cairo is a city built on technology – from the huge, life-giving solar panels that keep it functioning in a radically changed, resource-scarce world to the artificial implants that have become the answer to all and any of mankind’s medical problems. But... Read more
Standby by Kim Fielding (ePUB MOBI PDF)
Who’d have thought being stranded at the airport could possibly have some long term benefits? Certainly not Tom. But then he hadn’t bargained on meeting Rafael… Download Links Filescdn (Note: Use Filescdn to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
Temper Sanguine by Lou Harper (ePUB MOBI PDF)
“One bite won t kill you. Unless it does. ” Gabe Vadas’s slayer ancestors would be spinning in their graves if they knew that not only is his boss a vampire, so is his lover. But that lover, Harvey Feng, is cooking something up in his lab that he... Read more
No Distance Left to Run by L.A. Witt (ePUB MOBI PDF)
The Distance Between Us, Book 4 The night before Chris and his best friend Joshua were sent thousands of miles apart on their respective Mormon missions, they finally gave in to their mutual desire. Left trying to make sense of what happened, Chris’s already shaky faith crumbled altogether a... Read more
Under The Mistletoe (Monroe Matches, #1) by M.C. Cerny (ePUB MOBI PDF)
Monroe Matches is throwing the hottest holiday mixer for all the sexy singles in Miami. We’ve got the mistletoe. Come and meet your holiday match… Carla Monroe has been matching couples for decades, but if there’s one match she hasn’t gotten right, it’s her son, Phineas. No woman has... Read more
He was my boss, my brother’s friend, a Widower, an ex-felon, and a man I’d seen casually with a handful of women. But he was everything that gripped me, both the good and the bad. Worst case scenario if things turned awkward between us, I could go somewhere else.... Read more
Blaine Donovan has a secret, but so far his plan to keep the rest of the world in the dark about who he really is and what’s really going on in his life has worked. If he can just finish school before the demons catch up with him, he... Read more