Booze O’clock (White Horse #2) by Bijou Hunter

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Booze O’clock (White Horse #2) by Bijou Hunter

Love at first sight is real. Anyone who says differently can eat a bag of dicks.

I found Miss Right drunk off her ass in a honky-tonk, looking to put a bullet in the head of the man who both gave her life and stole it away. Her plan is suicidal madness. Considering dead isn’t a good look for my future wife, I swoop in to save her from a mistake she can’t unmake.

Heroic behavior isn’t my usual M.O., and I’m unsure how to heal the grief-stricken beauty. I’ll figure it out, though. If not on my own, my family of very tenacious busybodies will offer their advice—whether I want it or not.

Booze O’clock is the second book in the White Horse series. Book 3 (Cap) will be released later in 2018. Containing sexual content, violent situations, and extreme profanity, this book is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+.

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