Accidentally Met Her by Lauren Wood (ePUB)

//Accidentally Met Her by Lauren Wood (ePUB)

Accidentally Met Her by Lauren Wood (ePUB)

“Las Vegas was the place to get hitched.”

That wasn’t something I thought about. Marriage.
Then I met Candy, a beautiful redhead with a svelte body.
I knew I had to have her. I had to make her mine.
One taste of her sweet lips and then I made her scream my name.
I woke up to an empty bed, her wedding ring in the sheets.

Our marriage wasn’t real.
I let her go, knowing that she would come back to me.
When she did, Candy belonged to someone else.
But I don’t lose.
And I’m not giving her up without a fight.

I married her and now she’s mine for good.
Her and my baby that she was carrying.

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