The Coaching Hours (How to Date a Douchebag #4) by Sara Ney
THERE ARE NO DOUCHEBAGS IN THIS STORY. Well, there are, but they’re not who this story is about. This story is about me—the coach’s daughter. When I moved to Iowa to live with my dad, the university’s take-no-prisoners wrestling coach, I thought transferring would be easy as pie—living with... Read more
Filthy Sweet by Frankie Love
He’ll get her motor running! When Moxon sees Millie on the side of the road, he’s determined to get under her hood. She’s not just curvy and creative–she’s also filthy-sweet. And exactly the kind of woman this mechanic has been dreaming of. Millie wants dependable–too bad Moxon’s a player... Read more
Confide in Me (On a Night Like This #2) by Renae Kaye
On a night like this, magic can happen. Seven couples. Seven stories. One night. A night for love. What do people do when the man of their dreams tells them they “just want to be friends”? If you’re me, you agree. Stupidly. Ed’s on Tinder looking for a boyfriend.... Read more
Dallon by Lissa Matthews
What started out as a pretty typical day, quickly spiraled when Dallon saw her. Buttoned up, full of curves, with a voice smooth as honey and eyes so innocent the flames of Hell warned him to keep on moving. But then she walked into his bar, out of place... Read more
Chasing Aledwen (Fated Seasons #2) by Laura Greenwood
No one said being a Princess was easy, and for Aledwen, the Fae Princess of Spring, it’s even harder. Especially with her magic failing to work like it should following her eighteenth birthday, and her mother expecting her to help with the birth of Spring. Luckily, she doesn’t have... Read more
Burn Me by Jess Whitecroft
When Daniel Macallan’s rock star brother Matt needs an intervention for his drinking problem, one of the first people to show up is Matt’s best friend and Daniel’s very first crush, tattooed rock god Rocco Ponti. Six months sober following a brush with death, Rocco knows a thing or... Read more
Chase Me by Aidy Award
She’s stolen a priceless relic from his treasure, and his heart. Ciara is the best damn wedding planner this side of anywhere, but she’s no thief. That’s exactly what the sexy-ass dragon shifter has accused her of – stealing his treasure. She’s going to steal something of his alright,... Read more
Bound to the Omega (Luna Brothers #4) by Ashe Moon
Alpha Arthur Luna has sworn off all men. Thirteen years ago, his best friend was forced to be married off to another alpha, even though the two of them were in love. Determined not to have his heart broken again, Arthur has no plans to settle down… Until he... Read more
Beautifully Broken by KB Winters
She thinks she’s broken and I’m the one to fix her. As an ex-Navy SEAL there are a few guarantees in life. Avoiding relationships is one of them. Dealing with PTSD is another. So when I come across the Reckless Bastards MC, it’s perfect for a man like me.... Read more
Awkward by Lily Kate
Ladies, I know how things look from the outside. I’m rich. I’m a successful surgeon. I’m handsome. I should have women lining up from here to New Jersey clawing for space in my bed, but there’s one huge catch. I’m f*cking awkward. Every time I get a date, I... Read more
Baby Bargain by Vivien Vale
You want me to knock you up? Well, baby, you’re about to get Much more than you bargained for… Sweet Rose. Beautiful. Independent. A rare flower just waiting to be plucked. The minute I see her I know I have to have her. She wants a baby. I have... Read more
After Care by L.B. Dunbar
A romance for the over 40. Breast cancer survivor Edie Williams is ready to live. Divorced. Mother of two. She’s planned the vacation of a lifetime for a reboot, only to encounter an awakening adventure—Tommy Carrigan. Manager of the band Collision, Tommy Carrigan has his plate full. Independent. Carefree.... Read more
A Moonlit Serenade by Alexa Padgett
He fell in love with her voice first. Now, he’s in danger of falling in love with the rest of her… The sound he can’t forget He fell in love with her voice first. But trying to recruit mysterious girl-next-door music teacher Ryn Hudson to work on an album... Read more
Abduction by Lisa Lace
Bethany didn’t apply to be a mail-order bride. All she wanted was someone devoted to her. The slavers didn’t care. She’d heard rumors about the aliens. They were supposed to be rough. Selfish. Big, strong, and mean. Now one is consumed by Bethany and will do anything to claim... Read more
A Different Game (A Wrong Game Novel) by Charlie M. Matthews
You know that saying: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I found out that it was true. At least, that’s what I’d thought a year earlier when a few stolen moments with this one, unexpected girl, turned my heart to mush. I thought she was different. I thought... Read more