Falling for the Jerk by Sam Crescent
Dale and Molly have a rough history. They dated in high school, and when Molly turned up pregnant, everyone rejected her. What the town of Winters Fall doesn’t know is Dale’s the father of both of her children. Dale keeps trying to do the right thing, but at every... Read more
THE DEVIL’S BRIDE: Hell Brothers MC by April Lust
My city. My club. My rules. And she’ll be MY bride… whether she likes it or not. She needed my protection. Guess what, sweetheart? It’s gonna cost you everything. She came to me, bleeding and scared. They tried to hurt her. But if they pull that stunt again, I’ll... Read more
The Kyriakis Redemption (The Kyriakis Series Book 3) by Eve Vaughn
Aries Kyriakis, Beta of his pack, will do whatever it takes to keep the people he cares about safe. But he’s harboring a secret that has held him hostage for years. Feeling unworthy of happiness, he shuns love at every corner until he meets the one whom he can’t... Read more
Ruled (Hard Riders MC #1) by Anne Marsh
The Rebel vs. The Princess Complete opposites who share the same burning passion! Jaxon Brady of the Hard Riders MC has sworn to protect Evie Kent from a rival gang. His hard muscles and black leather motorcycle boots are a sharp contrast to the girlie dresses Evie wears for... Read more
Taken by the Raider by Dani Collins
The first time Aubrey Hargrave was “acquired” by corporate raider Griffen Woodlock, she was unable to resist his potent sexuality. She made the fatal mistake of mixing business with pleasure, but had to end their passionate affair to save her father’s reputation—and her heart. At 20, Griffen pushed his... Read more
Omega Society Auction (Rourke #3) by Eileen Glass
Continue the sci-fi omega series with Episode Three! When the alien alphas arrived on Earth, omega-compatible men weren’t given a choice in mating with them. After a long and troubled war, Earth brought down the harem towers and exiled the alien lords to the moon where they rule from... Read more
One More Try (Knights of Sin MC #5) by Erin Trejo
Sebastian Blood. Death. Darkness. Those are things I know. Fucking. Drinking. Walking away. I was good at that. I messed up one night when I slept with the President’s niece. We were both drunk and out of control. Now she’s pregnant with my kid. I can’t be a father.... Read more
Ragnar (Mists of Albion Book 2) by Joanna Bell
It started with a secret. I make a promise to Paige. I’ll never breathe a word. We journey through time to a world of myth and fable, to ancient lands shrouded in mist, ruled by fierce, hulking men. The land of Vikings. The harsh beauty of the sea stands... Read more
High Stakes by K.B. Bennett
I come from a family of police officers. All I ever wanted was to make them proud and get justice for my sister. So I followed in their footsteps and worked my way up the ranks until I became lead detective in the homicide unit. I’m working a new... Read more
Lucky’s Naughty Angel by Scarlett King
I don’t deserve a girl like Julia. She’s young, sweet, pure, sheltered…she’s my total opposite. I’ve been trying to pull my life together since my idiot brother got me thrown in prison, but it doesn’t change the facts. I’m a bad guy. I’m a devil and Reverend Alderson’s daughter... Read more
Forbidden Royal (Princes of Avce #3) by Victoria Pinder
Political consultant Amy Fields only experienced jealousy once in her life, and that’s the way she’d like to keep it. Watching her older sister carry-on with the boy she absolutely adored in high school enough to make her never want to feel second-best again. Now, successful in her own... Read more
Free Fall by Emily Goodwin
I’ll never forget the first time I saw Nora Fisher. The way my heart sped up in my chest and blood rushed through every part of me. I was drawn to her the moment our eyes met. She was beautiful. Guarded. Damaged. Just like me. I never meant to... Read more
Chasing Darien by J.M.Stoneback
ALANA Broken, shattered, downright destroyed. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let my cheating ex-husband win. I’m determined to get back in the game, put myself back out there, And risk it all over again. And Darien Casey is exactly the distraction I need. Sexy, cocky, rude,... Read more
F*ck Worthy, Volume 1 by AJ Harmon
Have you ever walked into a bar, scanned the crowd for a man who looked fuck-worthy and then went for it? Me either, but there’s a first time for everything… and everyone. Download Links Ge.tt Filescdn (Note: Use Filescdn to download in Mobi Format) Read more
BABY FOR A PRICE by Kathryn Thomas
I WANTED HER TO GIVE ME A BABY. I JUST DIDN’T KNOW IT WOULD COST ME EVERYTHING. And I didn’t know it would require me to kill… One last time. I was ready to hang up my weapons and get out of the killing game for good. But I... Read more