Spy Games by Cassandra Dee
Was the beautiful brunette a spy planted to dig up my darkest secrets? Most guys take it easy when they hit it big. Me? The opposite. Because when it came to walking the talk, I bought an airline. To assert my dominance, I wanted to show my competitors that... Read more
SEAL the Deal (Hot SEALs #14) by Cat Johnson
As more wedding invites pour in, veteran SEAL and security specialist Zane Anderson is happy that he and his girlfriend Missy don’t need a legal document to prove their love. Or at least he didn’t think they did. Lately, he’s beginning to wonder if they’re still on the same... Read more
Seducing Her Brother’s Best Friend (Tea for Two #3) by Noelle Adams
After too many years being overlooked by men, Carol is ready to take action. She wants a man, and she knows which man she wants. Her brother’s best friend, Patrick Stevenson. Patrick is funny and brainy and the sexiest man she’s ever known, but he has never looked at... Read more
Siren’s Song (Willow Harbor #5) by Juliana Haygert
Sometimes dreams come true … When Brooke Ellis receives a letter from her estranged father, her first instinct is to burn it. Instead, curiosity grabs hold. As Brooke comes back to the small beach town of Willow Harbor, she begins the search for her father. What she finds instead... Read more
Mountain Man Baby Daddy by Vivien Vale
All I want is to be alone on my mountain, away from society. It’s where I can hide away from the demons that haunt me. The scars from my past torture me. I’m not fit to be around people. Not after what I’ve done. But then she comes crashing... Read more
Mr. Ruin by Maya Hughes
They were wrong—revenge is a dish best served hot. They call me the Boardroom Bastard. A bastard out for vengeance. No one messes with Killian Thorne. Then Rachel shows up. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Luscious curves. An ass I wanna smack and squeeze. No man... Read more
Mess With Me (Happy Endings Book Club #6) by Kylie Gilmore
Ally Bloom attends her college reunion on a mission—a second chance with her first love. Turns out he’s single and…not interested. Their love is doomed! But when Ethan Case, the sexy cop friend of a friend, finds her crying in her spiked punch, he invites her for coffee with... Read more
Creative Incentives (Beyond #9.1) by Kit Rocha
Creative Incentives: July 2017 Patreon Reward Story. This story is a short vignette voted on by our Patreon supporters. In it, Cruz figures out some creative ways to convince Ace to keep up with the physical therapy that is restoring his strength after his injuries in Beyond Surrender. It’s... Read more