Down and Dirty by Evie Monroe
Being a single dad isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I’ll do anything for my little girl. Taking care of Jade and keeping food on the table is top priority for me. Then there’s Violet. Damn! She’s hot as hell, rich, stuck up and irrational. Just my... Read more
Embraced By A Highlander (Highland Warriors Trilogy Book 2) by Donna Fletcher
Hannah knows all too well that evil exists. What she’s not sure of is how to escape evil. Where does she find safety from the evil that chases after her? Her only choice is to find someone who does not fear evil. Her search brings her to the MacKewan... Read more
Christmas Bears (Return to Bear Creek Book 12) by Harmony Raines
When Leona moves into a house in Bear Creek with her two sons, Jack and Harry, all she’s hoping for, is to get through Christmas and then figure out what their futures hold. With her life and confidence in tatters, thanks to an abusive husband, she’s given up on... Read more
Cocky Director (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta #15) by Faleena Hopkins
He had a dream to make a film. She did the books at a strip club. He needed someone to believe in him. She needed something to believe in. With her jealous boss forbidding her to take the side job… That offered no pay And his family warning him... Read more
Coming Together – A Billionaire’s Baby Romance by Mia Ford
Reese had always been very picky about the men she dated and was hell-bent to have the perfect first time with the man whom she could spend her entire life. However, her work seldom gave her a chance to go out until when her friend pushed her to take... Read more
Balancing the Scales (Brits in Manhattan #1) by Laura Carter
“Carter’s writing style is absolutely brilliant.” —The Romance Reviews A Hotshot Manhattan Attorney. Drew Harrington knows exactly who he is—a legal shark with a love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude that works just fine in his cutthroat world. He’s on the cusp of promotion to named partner, but only... Read more
Blaze (Brazen Bulls MC, #4) by Susan Fanetti
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1998 Simon Spellman isn’t a native Oklahoman. He’s a city boy, born and raised in Chicago, but he’s lived in Tulsa, and worn a Brazen Bull on his back, for years. Tulsa is his home, and the Bulls his family—the only one he claims, and the only... Read more
Breaking Belle (Princess After Dark Book 2) by Isabella Starling
This is no fairytale. This is your worst nightmare. And I am the beast that will break you. My past is broken. Shattered. Everyone I ever loved, gone. I will never let myself love anyone again. Not until her… Belle Dalton, the daughter of a man who owes me... Read more
Black Obsession (A Kelly Black Affair Book 3) by C.J. Thomas
Bound by his obsession, Kelly Black had my emotions tied up into a mixture of fear and sadness. Timothy Parker was after Kelly. But with Kelly’s sights set on Nash Brooks for the murder of Maria Greer, he’d convinced me that Alex’s life was also in danger. The similarities... Read more
Baker’s Dozen (Copper Creek #3) by Wendy Smith
Owen Campbell is more than the town baker—he’s the player out of all the Campbell boys. A tragic accident brings a secret to light that turns his world on its head, and forces him to reconsider his lifestyle. Ginny Robinson is alone, and that’s the way she likes it.... Read more
As Long As You Hate Me by Carrie Aarons
Kara High school sweethearts. What a load of bull. He might have been my first love, but it never meant I wanted to hear lyrics containing my name, love story, and *cringe* how I lost my virginity peddled out for the masses to digest. Seven years later, and I’m... Read more
Baby Makes Three by Nicole Elliot
Billionaire. Playboy. Her brother’s best friend. And her baby’s daddy? The last time I saw Joanna she was just a kid, following me around like a puppy dog. But now that she’s all grown up, those curves make me want to get behind her. Make her moan my name.... Read more
Any Given Snow Day by Marie Harte
Ex-NFL star + snarky single mom = a touchdown of a holiday romance After two Super Bowl rings, MVP status, and retiring from the NFL while still on top, Mitch “Flash” Flashman’s millions should make life at the ripe old age of thirty-five a blessing. Yet he’s restless, rudderless,... Read more
A Fashionably Dead Diary: Book 9.5 by Robyn Peterman
Getting blackmailed sucks. Getting blackmailed by Satan into ghost writing his autobiography/romance really sucks—hard. But I’m not a weenie or a welsher. I’m a semi-materialistic, Prada lovin’ Vampyre-Demon with a bad attitude and a serious lack of cheating skills. If I were a good cheater, I wouldn’t be in... Read more
Alpha’s Challenge (Bad Boy Alpha’s #4) by Renee Rose
How to Date a Werewolf: #1 Never call him ‘Good Doggie. I’ve got a problem. A big, hairy… sexy problem. An enforcer from the Werewolves MC broke into my house and refuses to leave. He thinks I know the Werewolves’ secret, and he’s here to keep me quiet. #2... Read more