One royal birth is a national event. Two royal births are a sensation. What would you call three? As a paparazzo journalist Lisa Garcia is used to meddling in other people’s business, so her plot to get closer to the handsome and alluring Prince Francesco of Aluzzi seems almost... Read more
Professor Matthews was always so hard on me. Then one day he showed me he was hard for me. 

I worked my ass off in college. My goal was to graduate with highest honors and only one thing stood in my way—my thesis. If there was any other professor... Read more
I’m in love … with two hot farmers. Both of them are off limits … one’s my ex-stepfather … the other one is his best friend. I gave them my heart a long time ago, now it’s time to give them the rest of me. If they turn me... Read more
The perfect girl can slam into your heart, your mind, and your d**k and refuse to leave I’m Shea Butler. Nothing but a rough and ready cowboy I ride rodeo and bronc bareback and that’s all I need. I never wanted a woman around for keeps – that is,... Read more
She’s off-limits, but he’s the only one who can help her… Carla Jackson has her life all mapped out, so when her plans fall apart she’s more lost than ever. A spot on the reality TV show Road Trip Race seems like the perfect escape, except she needs a... Read more
When the sh*t hits the fan, Beth Rammada has no choice but to get the hell out of Chicago. Her family are sinking fast and she’s at risk of being used as bait to hurt her father. But living on the streets of New York is no walk in... Read more
He’s meant to be my target…so what happens when I fall for him? ** Jade: I only became a con artist to try to save my father’s life. Now I’m in debt to the mob, with no choice but to work for them. Okay, fine: I’ll get close to... Read more
Have you ever known two people clearly attracted to each other, but are forbidden to do anything about it? Nate Lupinski relinquished his right of becoming the next Alpha of his international multi-shifter clan to pursue his dream of opening a production studio. It’s become one of the fastest-growing... Read more
Years ago, the skies ripped open and the world was destroyed in fire and ash. Dragons – once creatures of legend – are the enemy. Vicious and unpredictable, they rule the skies of the ruined cities, forcing humanity to huddle behind barricades for safety. Claudia’s a survivor. She scrapes... Read more
When Dr. Alyssa Foster is taken hostage by a prison inmate, she knows she’s in deep trouble. Not just because Teague Creek is desperate for freedom, but because the moment his fingers brush against her skin, Alyssa feels a razor-sharp pang of need… A man with a life sentence... Read more
Bourbon is in Brandon Morgan’s blood. His family owns the best bourbon brand in the country—or it will be with his marketing genius. And after meeting the fiery daughter of a tequila distillery owner, he’s never been more sure. His barrels, her tequila. It’s a match made in heaven.... Read more
The last thing Roxie wants to do after being rescued from her abusive pack is to ever set foot in the village she’d once called home again. Memories too horrendous to contemplate have kept her frozen in a place where fear keeps her prisoner just as surely as her... Read more
He broke her heart. When he finds out just how badly, it will break his too. Nick Walker found the love of his life when he was just nineteen. Found her. Loved her. Lost her. It’s been ten years since Nick watched the only woman he ever loved walk... Read more
Fifty million dollars for three weeks of your life in the hands of a total stranger. Would you do it? When Naomi Lee finds herself out of a job and out of the money she needs to pay her father’s medical bills, she receives an anonymous letter, containing an... Read more
Driving from North Carolina to New Mexico with her three-legged dog, a strange man’s ashes, and a waitress named Blossom riding shotgun isn’t exactly what Alissa Wells ever wanted to be doing. But it’s exactly what she needs… It all starts when Alissa impulsively puts a bid on an... Read more