You’d think being abandoned by your mother as a small child would be enough drama for one girl’s life, but no. I like to keep it interesting. Apparently I can do magic too. What a nice surprise at the age of twelve. But it cost me the only family... Read more
Garth They say I’m a disposable hero, bitter and well on my way to a path of self-destruction. But when my mentor, an eccentric admiral, sends me on a fool’s errand, I remain pessimistic, unable to believe that a mystical winged-nymph, a siren, has crashed into a navy ship.... Read more
What if one moment in time controlled your fate? I wasn’t ready for a commitment. It was only supposed to be one night. Now she’s carrying my heir. Can I give it all up to protect them? This is a standalone romance with a HEA! Download Links Userscloud... Read more
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A Russian heir…a royal baby? Madison Castillo will never forget the wild night she shared with the sexy and mysterious Alex… Then Madison learns three things that will change her world forever: Alex was really Alexander Maximovich, the last heir to the Russian throne. She’s pregnant. They’re both in... Read more
Let Me Fall is the latest New Adult Romance in Lily Foster’s Let Me series What was your Senior Superlative? Most likely to succeed, Most likely to win an Olympic gold, Most likely to snag a billionaire? Me? If the administration at Westerly High would have allowed the student... Read more
The new Tribal Police Chief, determined to go-it-alone, is as brazen as she is beautiful • The sophisticated Commander of the DPD, is the acknowledged law enforcement leader in the state–and the one Justice Brother no woman has been able to snare • The murder of a young Native... Read more
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Mason Boone. A former Navy SEAL who lives deep in the mountains, sleeps under the stars and hunts for his food. He’s rugged, untamed and gorgeous. And completely off limits: I’m an FBI agent and he’s a fugitive on his way to a military prison. But when another prisoner... Read more
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I’m selling your fantasy. Are you buying? Life has a way of throwing you a curveball when you least expect it, and mine left me with nothing. Now, I’m a male escort. I make good money, really good money and I’m living the life most guys would kill for,... Read more
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