Does love stand a chance between two men from different worlds, when they’re both being pulled in opposite directions? Sawyer MacNeil is looking for answers. His time in the Army didn’t go as planned, and he’s still reeling from the end of a relationship that never should have happened... Read more
It’s said that our sins will find us in the end. It’s Christmas Eve, and I still haven’t found the perfect gift for Natalie. Braving a midnight race to the store, a fatal chance meeting leaves me with blood on my hands. With no other choice, I turn to... Read more
The biker needs a wife. She needs to save her brother’s life. Griffin Prentiss, the bad boy biker, needs a wife to secure his leadership in the motorcycle club mafia. When he comes across innocent Leah Rawlins, he knows she’s the perfect woman for the job. “Good Girl” Leah... Read more
On a rare afternoon break between lunch and dinner, I stood in the back with Sammy and the guys, frying up the arancia balls for dinner. “Sonny Conti comes to help with the ristorante and meets the femmina,” Sammy said, slapping me on the back. I laughed. “Did you... Read more
A new life and an old enemy are more than Nika Graves bargained for – but are they more than she can handle? The Rune Sword has been secured and she’s in love with Swedish Special Operator (and vampire) Erik Thorvald. When a reincarnated Norse god brings old enmities... Read more
Allie It was supposed to be a normal bachelorette party weekend with my girlfriends in San Juan. But my past caught up with me while on the crowded dance floor and I needed a quiet breather. I just had to leave the club early, even if that meant walking... Read more
Katieran Commander LemAN has suffered a great loss and swore never to let anyone get close to him again. He focuses on protecting his people. Now he has been tasked with seeking out the remaining Morin transport. The problem is, his success depends on an alien female intent on... Read more
Diego She was the woman I never should have, but she was just the type that would make me a better man. Just the type I needed by my side. People like me in my line of work don’t deserve a woman like her. But I had to have... Read more
Love is the one thing I can’t afford. Before I met Elizabeth, I was living by two simple rules. 1. Drink, f*ck and be merry. 2. Don’t get attached. Having more money than I could ever spend meant I could go on like that forever. Which is why I... Read more
Giving a stranded stranger a ride might be the dumbest thing Jessica’s ever done. But he’s a stiff in a suit, how much harm could he put her in? Jess is about to find out that she shouldn’t judge a guy by what’s covering his skin, be it an... Read more
Sean I’m not your average seventeen-year-old boy. What other teenage boy do you know of, is working alongside their father in a top-secret government agency, and has been since they were fifteen? Unheard of? Yes probably. After spending years searching for my place in this world, I jumped at... Read more
A naughty sheikh gets a new intern… Danielle Jennings never expected her new job to come with such a diverse set of challenges. Most challenging of all? Resisting the intense attraction she feels toward her new boss. Sheikh Faris Abdul-Samad is a master of seduction. He lives for pleasure... Read more
She has a strict rule about not bedding football players. He has a strict rule about bedding every woman he meets. Kaitlyn Wright is a hot twenty-five-year-old who massages naked men for a living. After her father dies and she moves to Denver, she finds herself alone for the... Read more