Sera Delos has another obstacle in front of her – it’s not that her books and movies don’t fit in her and Hunter MacLaine’s condo, nor is it that she’s steadfastly Team Cap while living with a family that’s Team Iron Man, nor is it that series 4 of... Read more
It had been such a simple idea. Help the hot billionaire make his cheating ex jealous. And he wasn’t just any billionaire. He was a filthy-talking Russian who was bossy as hell, gorgeous as sin, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. And he was paying well. Thirty thousand... Read more
Sammi is lost and has had her entire world turned upside down. Looking to find some peace and balance as she attempts to put her life back together, she travels to her childhood home on the East Coast… Cato and Caldyr are brothers who couldn’t be more different, who... Read more
Newly widowed Merry Winslow treks west to claim an unexpected inheritance. Upon arriving, she discovers she inherited a brothel! Rather than being dismayed, Merry’s intrigued, thinking it the perfect way to shed the shackles of propriety that have subdued her wild and impulsive nature. Only problem is, she needs... Read more
My world is about to get rocked, hard. Decadent Desires is known for two things: Aiden and Dylan Carpenter. The sexiest and most possessive identical twins in rock history. They’re flying off the charts and burning through women like no tomorrow. Their bassist just went down, and now I... Read more
She’s the I’ve-Got-This of Happy-Ever-After…until a perfect prince becomes her ultimate fantasy. Note: Each book of The Cimarron Series can be read as a stand-alone story, though some readers may enjoy the continuity of secondary characters when reading the books in order. Every novel is a stand-alone story with... Read more

Cursed by April Zyon

2016Romance December 22, 2016

Krista Reins has the unfortunate luck of being able to hear the dead. While it’s helpful for her job, it can be downright annoying in everyday life. She does her best to assist the locals, but stays as far as she can from the Feds. She couldn’t give them... Read more
Ariana is a princess who wants to be normal. Nicholas is a billionaire who is tired of the stressors of making money and coming home to an empty penthouse every night. Their lives are about to collide in a big way when Ariana is commissioned to take pictures of... Read more
They had it all — love, privacy, security… Until betrayal and lies forced them apart. Now, seven years later, Charli is on the run with her young son. Their lives are at stake, and the only ones who can help her are Tek and Nico, the brothers she burned... Read more
When the fairy tale life you believed in falls apart, there is nothing else left… Or so I thought, until Trouble, wrapped in one hunky body and a sinful smile promising untold pleasure of the carnal kind, lands on my doorstep. Despite what my body demands or the fact... Read more
Join April, May and June in their journey to finding their way back home to the alpha men they loved and lost. APRIL April left her hometown of Clayton with a promise to never come back. Seven years later, a tragedy brings her back home and the man she... Read more
All Francesca Brightwood wants for Christmas is a cure for loneliness. Past tragedies have left her with nothing but her home, her family’s inherited flower shop, and a desperate hope that something brighter is on the horizon. In walks Malcom, right off the streets, and her heart takes notice.... Read more
If you yearn for uplifting, unpredictable, humorous romance…with characters who come alive on the pages…Barbara Catlin is your new go-to author! Readers are instantly drawn to the small-town charm of her authentic, pulse-pounding novels. On top of that, fans glory in her sweet yet sensual stories that are praised... Read more
Annabelle Christensen has a busy Christmas planned, but not in the way you might expect. She’s a thief; a professional burglar, who robs the palatial mansions of the rich and famous to put her sister through college and carve out a less than wholesome life for herself. However, this... Read more
Part of the Fated & Forbidden Collection. Each book stands alone. Read about Allendra and the story that starts it all in The Challenge by Kallysten via instafreebie. Matthew is a vampire, one of the best earners in the organization. Every night he hunts the streets of San Francisco... Read more