New Year’s Eve has never been so depressing! Jordan Ramsay is so sick of men who don’t live up to her standards. Which is pretty sad, since her standards are outrageously low! All she wants is a good man with a sense of humour, who’ll treat her right. That’s... Read more
Gabe is sent into a lab undercover. He finds more than he’s looking for when he sees Donato and instantly wants her. Unfortunately, if it wasn’t for bad luck, he’d have no luck at all. Donato isn’t sure what to think of the new guard Gabe. She’s been disappointed... Read more
I was Slade of the Seven Seas. I had been to every corner of the world, in search of treasure, but in the end, there was only one jewel I ever really wanted: Nixie. Some pirates roamed the Earth, looking for gold, but I roamed the Earth looking for... Read more
Emma’s body jerks with pleasure that she wasn’t entirely aware existed… It’s easy for me to pick up women, and it’s the best way to blow off steam. She wanted to put a stop to that. I wasn’t about to let some little c*ckblocker get in the way of... Read more
Two days. Kristy was getting married in two days… Everything was set for the wedding of her dreams. A snowy mountain. Log cabins. A stunning dress with long capes. Her best friends… and, her fiancé, Jackson, arriving that day. Two days to the perfect New Year’s Eve wedding… The... Read more
A bear will do whatever’s necessary for his mate, his baby… and his team. Bear My Heir is the first book in the Shifter Squad Nine series, a follow-up to the Shifter Squad Six series. Download Links Userscloud (Note: Use Userscloud to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
Caitlyn: I was promised a Nice Boy, but one look at my fiance and I know better. I’ve had my life planned out since I was a teenager: college, career, marriage, children, but now that it’s time to start planning the wedding it looks like Mr. Right didn’t get... Read more
When Paige Brennan moves into her new apartment she doesn’t expect it to come with the neighbor from hell. His late night antics keep her up all hours, with every knock and bang made worse by their shared bedroom wall. When Paige finally bumps into the noisy night owl,... Read more
Ronan Lyle has been dumped. While his ex is dating around and figuring out if she loves him enough to take him back, he moves to Miami, hoping a change of scenery will help the time pass. That change of scenery comes with Connor Brien, his new roommate and... Read more
I’m in love with the boss’s daughter. Emmy Winchester’s completely off-limits. Not only do her parents own the ranch where I work, she’s not the kind of girl I should be with. She’s too sweet, too untouched, too pure. Emmy deserves a gentleman, and I’m anything but gentle. But... Read more
I’d come to accept the predictable routine of my life until I saw her ass in those riding pants. Constance Montgomery…damn, with her legs spread on the leather of the saddle has my mouth watering and things inside me shift. Seems my program is about to change. All the... Read more
Some people make death beautiful… but we made life ugly… Our story isn’t for everyone. Most people will probably hate it. Most people will probably hate us. I stopped giving a damn about what others thought a long time ago. Like I said, our story isn’t for everyone. It... Read more
“You’re wearing mistletoe panties, princess. Where was I supposed to kiss you?” Eva Bradshaw used to have standards. But with Christmas around the corner and a six-year-old daughter to feed, there’s not much the former Olympic figure skater wouldn’t do for some extra cash, even if it means violating... Read more
All the gods are dead. Long live the gods. I am aware. Linc had grown up having to kill to protect himself and his best friend. So, death and he were intimate friends. Then when his best friend turned out to be non-other than the Greek god Zeus and... Read more
Born into a Russian Mafia family, Vlad Karev is no stranger to violence…but this time it’s personal. Someone has murdered his father and Vlad can’t rest until he finds the killer. When the trail leads to an art gallery, Vlad wants to dig deeper, but he needs help from... Read more