JASE I did not work my ass off to become a Navy SEAL because I had a desire to add the title of “nursemaid”...

I did not work my ass off to become a Navy SEAL because I had a desire to add the title of “nursemaid” to my resume.

So when my commanding officer requested that I go check up on his baby sister, I was understandably less than thrilled. Just because Rachel’s roommate thinks that Rachel got herself kidnapped doesn’t make it true. Rachel is notorious for her bad decisions and I have no doubt that Rachel’s equally silly roommate has likely blown things way out of proportion.

It took me less than a day to realize that Cassidy Cross is not an alarmist or a piece of brainless feminine fluff. The woman has a formidable brain, a fierce sense of loyalty, and a strong desire to find her friend. Of course, the task of finding Rachel might have been a hell of a lot easier if Cassidy would have backed off and just let me do my job. The woman is in my way every time I turn around. Her and that amazing body of hers are going to get us both killed. The woman might be so beautiful that my brain fogs over every time she smiles, but a woman has no place in my investigation.

I’m not sure the phrase “sexist pig” quite covers the guy that Rachel’s older brother sent to help me find her. My roommate was kidnapped. I watched it happen for goodness sake and this man practically refuses to believe me until the bullets are flying and someone is trying to throw us off Rachel’s trail.

Now I’m stuck with a hard headed classic American male who looks like he belongs on the cover of the military issue of GQ. How can the man be so incredibly attractive and annoying all at the same time? Of course I’d really better get my head on straight and stop worrying about how badly I want to kiss him and start thinking about who’s trying to kill us. Rachel doesn’t have much time and I refuse to give up. Surrender is not an option…

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