Scarlett’s only option for her internship is to tutor Harry Styles, the whiny brat from that one boy band. But the more she teaches him, the more she ends up learning, and things become a lot more complicated than she thought. Download Links Userscloud (Note: Use Userscloud to... Read more
Love is pain. Calder Roane has always been the spoiled youngest son, and is struggling to seize the reins to the family business following his mother’s death. But when he wakes up imprisoned in a rusted death trap with several others, it’s gonna take everything he has to get... Read more
Becca’s got two options. Death row or outer space. Is that really a choice? Radon’s not on the market for a bride. Seems what he’s on the market for doesn’t matter to the decision makers. There are stranger ways to find love, admittedly, but Becca’s never heard of them.... Read more
To survive, I’ll have to turn my back on my club – to save her, I’ll have to give my life By the time Lindsey went from a mouth full of braces to a smiling beauty I was already knee deep in the outlaw world. But that didn’t stop... Read more
Irelan Lewis is willing to break her no straight-girls rule. Okay, she breaks it all the time. But she’s delighted to break it for her beautiful friend that she has always had a secret crush on. Mmmm. But she has to hold on to her heart … right? I... Read more
I met her at an all-time low . . . the worst night of my life—a time I never wanted to remember.” “It was a night I could never forget.” “When it came to women, I swore I was done with wishful thinking. Ball and my coaching career were... Read more
When Eric Anderson photographs a wannabe rock star for his college portfolio, the black and white pictures awaken a shocking life of colour inside him. The whirlwind intensifies once their newfound friendship explodes into something much more serious with a drunken kiss…and when the photographs capture the eye of... Read more
Brittany Reynolds was smart, curvy and naïve as hell when it came to men. All through life she seemed to always pick the wrong ones to fall for. While working at the jailhouse as a nurse, she never expected to have feelings for an inmate who was under her... Read more
They call me the #DirtyGentleman. My reputation precedes me. I’m forward on the ice and in the bedroom With a filthy mouth and impressive moves. I always get the job done. I have my future all planned out: Get laid often. Graduate. Land the job of my dreams. Sounds... Read more
She’s everything I can’t have. One stolen moment with her and I’m lost forever. I’m a Marquette, she’s a Chadwick. That’s bad news. Marquettes never mix with Chadwicks. It’s a freaking bad replay of Romeo and Juliet without Shakespeare’s poetry. But she makes me lose control. Touch Her. Taste... Read more
They say the future is uncertain… But what happens if I have no past? I don’t remember giving birth. I don’t remember my name, my family, or where I come from. I don’t remember…anything. The only clue to my past rests in a bundle of blankets swaddled in my... Read more
Enjoy this thrilling billionaire romance from Author Cami Checketts. Brooks Hoffman, billionaire, loves women, expensive toys and fighting—in that order. A week romancing a beautiful woman on his private island is a great way to pass the time. When Sydnee Lee Swenson isn’t impressed with his money, or charmed... Read more
Nathaniel’s father was everything vanillas were afraid a Dom would be. Brutally violent, sadistic, and violating every law that the community had created. But then, those laws were made to stop people like him from having a place in their midst. Isabella has survived the ordeal, barely, and even... Read more
Ella hates her job and her jerk of a boss. And she hates that it’s only three days until Christmas, and she’s single and alone…as usual. Although she’s never been with a man, she’s had fantasies about being rescued from her miserable life by a handsome stranger. She dreams... Read more
NOAH I wanted to screw her as soon as I saw her. That curvy little body was all tarted up in a tight little black dress, her breasts practically spilling out the top. Her dark hair fell in loose curls around her shoulders, and she sipped on a drink,... Read more