After one loser boyfriend too many, Melissa Bell is done with bad boys. So when her ex puts her life in danger once again and a buff, tattooed alpha shifter shows up to rescue her, it’s the last thing she needs. Cody quickly finds himself wishing that he’d never... Read more
Mason is strong, cocky, and dirty in bed—every naughty girl’s fantasy. But he’s my captor. The way his rough hands hold me down… his soft lips on mine. I can’t get enough and I’m falling for him hard. I’m not the one who needs saving anymore. This is a... Read more
Ace Bennet has managed to f@*k everything up. Again. A night of partying causes him to be arrested. Again. But this time it’s different: he’s ordered to join a work program, and if he fails he’ll be sent straight to jail. The problem? His new temporary boss is none... Read more
Life has not been easy for Penelope Summers. Specifically, the last month, when her high-profile boyfriend dumped her, her indecent exposure record surfaced, and her favorite thing in the world, tequila, failed her. Good thing for Penelope, she has her best friend to pick her up, and take her... Read more
I was told to keep her close – what’s closer than in my bed? Caleb I’m deadly and dangerous – not to mention completely irresistible. The youngest hitman the Irish mob has ever seen. Not some f*cking bodyguard. But the boss’s daughter is heading back to college with a... Read more
Gentry Striker is right back where he swore he would never be again—his hometown. All he has to do is tie up some loose ends and escape the darkness that has enveloped this place, but he can feel his destiny pulling him deeper into the shadows of this old... Read more
This bear won’t give up… Especially not on his little girl. Oliver Atwater is a werebear with a haunted past. He’s lost everything, including his best friend. Running away from it has produced nothing but heartache and violence, leading him into more trouble wherever he goes. But when a... Read more
Hell’s Fire Riders MC BOOK THREE Michael Severns gets pulled back into his old life. Years ago, his wife and child were brutally murdered when he got too close to the truth. Now, the very people responsible for wrecking his life are back and it is up to him... Read more
It has been quite a cold summer for Joi Summers‐Lockhart. The approach of the sunny weather in Chicago also brought the beginning of a severe war between she and her husband, Brad. According to Joi, their six-year long marriage had come to an end. She had finally become so... Read more
Everything is BIGGER in Texas! His scarred face won’t stop her from loving him… Austin is a defensive lineman trying to keep a low profile. Heather is a television news anchor who bounces into his life while looking to further her career. Beauty and beast both learn something from... Read more
I’m a bastard and she is the angel who loves me. Wanting her was never part of the plan. She came into my life when I needed to be saved. She saved me from a loveless marriage and myself. She doesn’t know how much she’s changed my life in... Read more
Hot Shoe: 1. Driver who has the most past wins among active drivers at a particular track; is the quickest in qualifying, and is favored to win at that track. 2. Gorgeous footwear. This Thanksgiving, Sgt. Audrey McNeil Watson is thankful for wine. Lots and lots of wine. And... Read more
Trying to heal from a recent break-up, 22 year-old Lauren Edmonds throws herself into her business after graduating from college. The last thing she wants is any kind of distraction…until she meets HIM and her world is turned upside down. Enter Chase Covington. The wealthy, handsome, no-nonsense art dealer... Read more
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