With lust in his eyes, the mobster will have his revenge baby…no matter the cost! When Courtney’s father forbid her from being with Mikhail, she thought that was the end of the story. But Mikhail Krachenko, now a powerful mob boss, is determined to take back what’s his—and get... Read more
Curvy, geeky Lisa Milan has always lived for her work. She is a brilliant scientist, and research is her passion and her life. But when she discovers that her research will be used for dark, diabolical purposes, she is determined to make things right. Things take an unexpected turn... Read more
High school sweethearts, struggling with marriage and two children.. on the outside everything looks perfect.. What happens behind closed doors? They fight. They yell and scream. There’s insults, and accusations of cheating thrown around. Separate rooms and ignoring each other. It’s constant bickering. They’ve grown apart and realised that... Read more
Three couples on different journeys… In life, we are faced with choices, chances, and consequences. Find out who must make a hard CHOICE when it comes to love, who must take a CHANCE on love, and uncover what the CONSEQUENCES for making a choice and taking a chance on... Read more
Carly Lincoln is just months away from claiming her overdue promotion. The plush corner office, the view, the prestige is finally within her grasp. She’s worked her entire life to make her dream, her reality. But when an unexpected boulder blocks her perfectly paved path, Carly is forced to... Read more
As Lily and Ry are reunited, the lovers are caught in a tragedy that changes their lives forever. Boldly sensual and deeply inspiring, this installment in the Candlemoth series will have you on the edge of your seat all the way to its soaring finish. Download Links Ge.tt Userscloud... Read more
BUCK I want two things in life: a woman and a child. When I walk into the diner and see Rosie, I think my motherf*cking dreams have come true. We share one stolen afternoon, but then she’s gone. Eight months later she shows up at my cabin. Her belly... Read more
Cora Westerling thought she finally found the one. But as her relationship slowly starts to change, she is forced to make a tough decision. Giving her two week notice at her job, she packs up her life into her tiny car and decides it is finally time to live... Read more
Beast: -a wild animal that is large, dangerous, or unusual. -an unkind cruel person -Holden Reed Football was everything for Holden Reed, through blood, sweat, and tears he lived his life for the game. The spotlight that endlessly followed him due to his fame, was his downfall, especially when... Read more
All I want for Christmas…is the woman I can’t have. 

I’ve finally patched in to Back Down Devil MC and I’m ready to drink, fight and enjoy any willing woman. Then they give me my first assignment: I’m going to be a babysitter?! Tia, a woman half the city... Read more
I’m so screwed. I was responsible for my brother after he to moved to Los Angeles with me. But he successfully kept his new life and new friends under wraps for months. Now he’s gone missing and the only person who knows how to find him is some rough,... Read more
After the zombie apocalypse, civilization is a thing of the past. Life has become nothing more than survival… Parker is a young woman with few options. She has grown up inside the walls of a guarded community, never experiencing liberty beyond the small few acres of land within the... Read more
They steal my breath, slowly suffocating me. I’m scared. I want it to stop. He’s supposed to help me. Instead, he evokes something forbidden. I know I should run. But I can’t. I’ve made my choice. I want him. There’s only one problem… He’s my therapist. Download Links Ge.tt... Read more
What’s there left to do when life kicks you in the teeth and takes everything you have? You stand back up Cody Reynolds had the world at the tip of his fingers: a beautiful fiancee, a promising NFL career, and a Super Bowl ring within his grasp. Cody was... Read more
Trimming the tree is more fun with three. Twin Cities developer Dale Davidson has come to Logan, Minnesota, to turn it into Christmas Town, not to give in to Arthur Anderson’s offer to join him and his fiancé, Gabriel Higgins, for a Christmas Eve threesome. Dale is polyamorous, but... Read more