Kade Wright is an expert in rocking any woman’s world. Sexy, rich, and the type you don’t bring home to meet your mother, he has broken more hearts than he can remember, and there is no end in sight. Until one mistake lands him in boiling hot waters. When... Read more
A love song in the making…He was her high school sweetheart, the man Candy once dreamed of sharing her life with. But Ty was also a rock star on the rise with a flock of pretty groupies lining up to share his bed. So what makes Ty think that... Read more
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When Hunter Brannigan loses his father and is sent a map, he doesn’t know what to think. Is it a joke? Was the old man going senile at the end? The attorney sending the map assures him the piece of paper was definitely from his father and he must... Read more
He wasn’t looking for love… Two years after the death of his wife, Sergeant Blake Kline is still hurting. He isn’t ready to date, but whenever he stops by his local diner and sees the friendly smile of his favorite waitress, he feels a spark of true happiness again.... Read more
Princess Francesca “Frankie” Grace has no interest in scandal or pomp and circumstance. She wants to join the military and make a real difference—like her father. Unfortunately, her father and the law disagree with this plan—women are not allowed to join the Royal Marines. In an effort to appease... Read more
From New York Times Bestselling author Tracy Wolff and International Bestselling author Katie Graykowski comes a sizzling tale of heartbreak, Harley-Davidsons and high heels … Harmony Wright is a bad girl living a good girl’s life. From the time she was born, she’s always been the good twin. The... Read more
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Virginia’s entire life needed renovating, but it took inheriting her aunt’s island cottage to realize it. If you like a good fixer-upper, fresh donuts and solid storytelling, jump on the ferry and make your way over to Sweetwater Island! After several stressful years, Virginia’s self-esteem is shot. So when... Read more
Andy is a romance author who has no desire to find her true love, doing so only brings heartbreak and sorrow. Her grandmother and mother are proof of this. They found their soulmates but are not allowed to be with them. There were rules, and rules are meant to... Read more
“Stryker” I’m a drifter. A man born to ride through this world alone. There used to be a time when I thought I was the rescuing type. I enlisted in the Marines and made it my duty—I was going to save lives. I was going to be a true... Read more
A STAND ALONE PARANORMAL ROMANCE! Sage West is on the run from her own demons. Exhausted and broke, she sets up camp in the small town of New Loveland where she wants to sell her finer things in a small gift shop. Although she decides what she really needs... Read more
John’s life had been one downhill spiral of let down and regret. For most of his life, he kept his chin up and always looked to the brighter side, not letting anything bring him down. Then the one person he thought would be at his side forever stabbed him... Read more
2016 eLit Gold Medalist – Best Romance Ebook 2016 IPPY Silver Medalist – Best Romance Ebook Quint and Annie sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Quint Lawson and Annie Weber heard that childhood song over and over and it never bothered them. Even though Quint was only five, Annie wasn... Read more
He was gorgeous. He was single. And he had just moved in next door to 29 year old hopeless romantic Jasmine Harris. Eric Storm was the type of man that every girl’s mother warned them about but Jasmine just could not resist. However, Eric had a very dark past.... Read more