It’s Kim’s first time. It’s my second chance. Download Links Userscloud (Note: Use Userscloud to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
Sizzlin’ Hot Military Romance! After an unhappy childhood, Luke Carter joined the US Navy and has dedicated the last twelve years of his life to the SEALs. But the relentless overseas tours have taken their toll on his mind and body and now he dreams of what life might... Read more
HAWK’S WAY: CARTER (Hawk’s Way #5) Joan Johnston’s fan-favorite tale of a convenient marriage and a surprising love… Previously published in March 1994 as The Cowboy Takes a Wife When single mother Desiree Parrish discovers that her abusive ex-husband is being released from prison, she knows she needs live-in... Read more
Groupie /ˈɡro͞opē/ a person, especially a young woman, who regularly follows a celebrity in the hope of meeting or getting to know them. See example Tiffany Wendel: Whore. Slut. Cleat Chaser. I’m used to the names so they don’t bother me. These are my boys. My friends. So what... Read more
One touch and I’m addicted. I need more, even if it ruins us both. I’m a man of honor. My chiseled body and rough exterior are just bonuses. I’m willing to put my life on the line for what I believe in. The Silver Star on my uniform proves... Read more
Dating and mating are the irrational pursuits of mortal races while the rare vrykoly species watches dispassionately from afar. But after his captain and first officer find love with the extraordinary females of Earth, this vrykoly is forced to wonder if he was—dare he say it?—wrong. Piloting the deathly... Read more
Se7en Deadly SEALs can’t save me now 6ix months I’ve wasted only to have my secret discovered 5ive days since I met the little boy I can’t stop thinking about 4our minutes I’ve sat in silence since I learned my gig was up Thre3 times I’ve seen my brother... Read more
His hand went to my chest, stroking my breasts gently through my thin shirt. If not for Brendan Rage, I would be dead right now. Dead in some barn, never to be seen again. But Brendan found me. He saved me. And then when I needed to take my... Read more
Rachel Grant is a lost broken soul. Feeling abandoned by everyone around her, she takes to the road, trying to escape the demons of her past. Kaylo White is a trust fund baby with too much time on his hands. After a run in with Rachel Kaylo is smitten.... Read more
DISCOUNTED FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Hazel just wanted to be wanted. With one bad date after another, she knew that she had to be doing something wrong. She just wanted a quiet, nice man. Something that Derek would never be. Running into Hazel, an old acquaintance, at the... Read more
His fingers tighten in my hair and he thrusts himself deep into my throat… Even thought he was my stepbrother, he was always a mystery to me. He left ten years ago. He never would have been interested in a girl like me. But I’m close to him again,... Read more
Jovie Reed isn’t looking for a guy. Between running her business and attempting to pen a best-selling novel, she doesn’t have the time or energy for the romance she writes about. Ewan Alexander has one woman in his life–his little sister, Amelia. But then his disobedient dog, Clark, crashes... Read more
Cary Adams is thrown together with her boss Jason McCready on a friendly skiing trip in New England. The vacation is for the sake of their respective children, but sparks fly between Jason and Cary once they’re away from the office. They’ve both had their share of heartbreak and... Read more
Racial Tensions Flare as Hot as the Passion in RULE BREAKER, a Modern-day Romeo and Juliet Story Leilani Kealoha wants to be set free. Of family expectations. Of generations of prejudice. Chafing at rules made by the proud Hawaiian men in her family, she yearns to discover herself and... Read more
It’s supposed to be a joke. Everything is all fun and games until introverted Jenna, professional YouTuber, accepts the challenge. As soon as she downloads the app she’s whisked away from her life and cat, stuck on an inhospitable alien planet. Biast is a seven foot tall, ripped Zmaj... Read more