Four short stories of men of power and the women they control. The Intern: When the young intern decides that she’s tired of the sexy young president paying more attention to her colleagues, her ploy to get his attention by flirting backfires when he squires her away to his... Read more
Seven bloggers who read, review – and now write – smut. When smut happens, it’s always a happily ever after. Seven bloggers have come together to create a hot anthology filled with the best variety of sexy stories. All proceeds go to Paws With A Cause, a charity which... Read more
Hawke Jameson is a thirty-six-year-old single father. When his son Garrett comes home for a visit from college bringing some new friends along, one of them is the outspoken Lynette. One look at the young beauty and something deep and forbidden unfurls in his gut. He tells himself no... Read more
Rosie needs money, and she needs it fast. She took a loan out to install a café for her dream book shop, and the money was stolen. The only way she can save herself is to go to the Old Boyz, who own the local bar. They’re dangerous, and... Read more
A Last Chance Christmas – Vicki Lewis Thompson When romance cynic Ben Radcliffe finds himself under the mistletoe with a stunning woman, he doesn’t intend for the affair to last until Christmas! But even Ben isn’t immune to the sexiest season of them all… Under the Mistletoe – Katherine... Read more
Alex Conrad knows that the girl across the hall looks familiar, but he just can’t place her…until she shoots THAT smile at him. Lexie Gill, the nerdy, bespectacled girl from college whom Alex often fantasized about but never managed to make those dreams a reality. He had been pretty... Read more
Shy nurse Cora both dreads and lives for the moments she sees Zeke, an orderly at the hospital where she works. Zeke is too handsome, too compelling, too much, and seems totally unaware of Cora. But before she can bring herself to his attention, an explosion rips through the... Read more
My life was full of darkness with no hope to see the light. I was spiraling out of control and heading in a direction I couldn’t return from. Losing someone you loved can mess with you. It can change you into someone you’re not. It’s what was happening. I... Read more
When Magizoologist Newt Scamander arrives in New York, he intends his stay to be just a brief stopover. However, when his magical case is misplaced and some of Newt’s fantastic beasts escape, it spells trouble for everyone… Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them marks the screenwriting debut of... Read more
His Christmas Eve Proposal — Carole Mortimer A quiet holiday is all that Hollywood movie star Joshua Hawkley desires. Yet when irresistible Rosie Harrison drops into his life and disrupts his peace, Joshua’s desires begin to change. Can he convince her to hang around to meet him under the... Read more
Closeted professional hockey player Eric Belanger is falling hard for an out-and-proud male model. He’s unable to resist Dorian’s charm and pushing personal boundaries he never thought he’d cross. But Dorian is the kind of guy who deserves someone who isn’t afraid to be himself. Eric’s fears about what... Read more
Tall, dark, and tattooed, FBI agent Hudson Blackwell has come home to Crystal Lake to deal with his dying father and leave. He doesn’t believe in much, other than his brothers, his God, and his country. He likes his life simple and hates complications. So running into the-girl-he-let-get-away is... Read more
Everyone knows the Greenleaf family puts the “Hell” in Hellcat Canyon—legend has it the only way they ever leave is in a cop car or a casket. But Glory Greenleaf has a different getaway vehicle in mind: her guitar. She has a Texas-sized talent and the ambition (and attitude)... Read more
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