Royal House of Shadows Part 1 by Gena Showalter: The princess, the vampire Jane Parker has lost just about everything when she wakes up...

Royal House of Shadows Part 1 by Gena Showalter: The princess, the vampire
Jane Parker has lost just about everything when she wakes up into a life she never could have imagined. The vampire Nicolai has lost his memory and his freedom. It’s his cry for help that whisks Jane from Oklahoma to the kingdom of Delfina. On the run from the witch who wants to reclaim Nicolai as her sex slave, he and Jane discover an undeniable attraction. But he has a secret that could devastate them both…

Royal House of Shadows Part 2 by Gena Showalter: Tender lover, savage vampire
It was the vampire Nicolai’s call that transformed Jane from an Oklahoma scientist into a princess in the kingdom of Delfina. It’s their shared desire that makes her his. When Jane is abducted, Nicolai’s memories of his past—and his birthright—resurface. As does his desire for vengeance. But what if the magic that brought Nicolai and Jane together has run its course? Will their love—and the blood bond between them—be strong enough to bridge two worlds?

Royal House of Shadows Part 3 by Gena Showalter: His heart, his queen
When she wakes up in her own bed in Oklahoma, Jane fears the worst—that she will never see Nicolai again. His blood has given her new powers, but she’ll have to learn to control them if she’s going to rejoin him in Delfina and help in his quest. Rumor has it that Nicolai’s sister is among the berserkers, but that can’t be possible. The berserkers died out long ago…

Royal House of Shadows Part 4 by Jill Monroe: Princess of Dreams
Princess Breena knew her purpose in life. She would marry a man of her father’s choosing—even if that man would surely be nothing like the brash warrior who invades her sleep. But after the Blood Sorcerer’s attack on Elden, she is exiled alone and to a wild land. Osborn, a one-time mercenary, is among the last of the berserker tribe. When he finds a golden-haired beauty asleep in the cottage he shares with his two young brothers, he recognizes her as the girl from his dreams. But real life is more complicated than fantasy, especially when creatures reeking of blood magic attack…

Royal House of Shadows Part 5 by Jill Monroe: Desire and vengeance
Breena is certain that her magic brought her to Osborn, but Osborn doesn’t seem to be the man she knows from her dreams. That warrior would never send her off alone and unprotected. When she asks Osborn to teach her to fight for herself and avenge her family, the innocent princess has no idea the kind of payment a berserker might demand. And even if she trusts him with her body, can she trust him with her heart?

Royal House of Shadows Part 6 by Jill Monroe: The berserker’s wrath, the warrior’s heart
Breena had awakened in the land of the Ursa with two desires: to survive, and to avenge. Now the warrior Osborn has awakened new desires, but she knows that her destiny lies in Elden. To gather the knowledge she will need to defeat the Blood Sorcerer, Breena must walk alone through the dreams of her family. But she wants Osborn by her side when she sets out for the final battle. As for Osborn, he cannot deny his feelings, but he fears that his berserker needs might mean that the princess is safer without him.

Royal House of Shadows Part 7 by Jessica Andersen: Otherworldly seduction
As a little girl, Reda Weston took solace in fairy tales. As a grown woman—and a hardened cop—Reda doesn’t expect to be transported into the world of her favorite childhood story. But when she meets Dayn, she knows that she’s met a man unlike any she’s ever imagined. A vampire prince exiled to the realm of shapeshifters, Dayn has been waiting for the prophesied woman who will guide him home. Reda’s arrival may be his salvation, or it might mean death for them both….

Royal House of Shadows Part 8 by Jessica Andersen: Passion between worlds
If Prince Dayn is going to reclaim the throne for his family, Reda must lead him to the vortex between the shifter realm and the world where he belongs. This means challenging the leader of the wolfyn pack. Dayn discovers abilities that surprise everyone—including himself. But his vampire blood will always make him an outsider among the shapeshifters, and his duty is to his own kingdom. The question remains…where does Reda belong?

Royal House of Shadows Part 9 by Jessica Andersen: Stronger than blood
When Prince Dayn follows the woman he loves through the vortex between worlds, he doesn’t know where he’ll land. She’s from the human realm, and he must return to Elden if he’s going to save his kingdom. But Reda is more than she could have imagined, and her work is far from finished. Only her blood can give Dayn the strength he needs to recover from the battle that awaits him. And it will take their combined powers to face the Blood Sorcerer and survive.

Royal House of Shadows Part 10 by Nalini Singh: A monster, a prince
Liliana is not her father’s daughter. She has endured his abuse her whole life. And now she’s ready to destroy him. She knows that only the princes and princesses of Elden can defeat the Blood Sorcerer, and she knows where to find one of these royal siblings…. The Guardian of the Abyss has no memories of his life before the Black Castle. Liliana can help him recover his past—and his true identity. But is she strong enough to fight against the evil to which her prince has been bound?

Royal House of Shadows Part 11 by Nalini Singh: She will brave the dark for him
Twice Micah has saved Liliana. But there is so much more that these two must overcome. The prince turns into a ravening beast that everyone fears—everyone except Liliana. She knows who the Guardian of the Abyss truly is. She will help him become the man he has to be to save the land he’s sworn to protect, and to reclaim the kingdom her father took from his family.

Royal House of Shadows Part 12 by Nalini Singh: The battle for Elden
The Blood Sorcerer has unleashed his most powerful army on his daughter and her prince, hoping to stop them before they reach Elden. But his plan fails, and Micah finally recovers the memories that reveal his destiny. Even if he prevails in the ultimate battle, it will take the combined power of his brothers and sister—Nicolai, Dayn, and Breena—to save Liliana. As they battle for the kingdom stolen from their parents, the princes and princess of Elden fight for everyone they love. What does the future hold for them and their realm?

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