JAMISON I want to see how dirty she can be, how far I can push her limits. I want to taste her, lick her,...


I want to see how dirty she can be, how far I can push her limits.

I want to taste her, lick her, make her take me deep.

When I get rough with her, she doesn’t shy away. Her shudders of excitement tell me all I need to know. Claire likes a bit of pain. She wants it. Craves it. She just doesn’t know how to ask for it.

She has a wild side that is begging to be set free.

I can do that for her.

I want to do that for her.

Something about her beckons to a deep-down part of me. Is it her purity? Her integrity, her work ethic? The way she pretends I’m not from the slums, like I’m no different from her? I don’t know. But she intoxicates me.

At the same time, I know that this thing between us—whatever it is—is just physical. Women like her don’t belong with guys like me. We could never possibly work out—it would be a disaster.

I don’t deserve her. I will ruin her, the way I’ve ruined everything else in my life.

But she’s impossible to resist.


How can he live like that, going through life fighting all the time? Doesn’t he want more? Doesn’t he want something better?

He’s not the good guy. Not the rogue with a golden heart I’d like to pretend he is. The world Jamison lives in is violent. Dangerous. And I can’t be in that place with him.

Doesn’t stop me from aching for him, though. Touching myself at night thinking about his mouth on me down there.

I’m throbbing with my desire. I need him to caress me, kiss me. All I can think about is what it’s like to stroke his muscled stomach, taste him. See him fully naked.

I love feeling his hardness when he’s pressed against me.

But none of those things can change what he is.

He hurts people.

I let myself see in him what I want to see. Despite knowing better, I let Jamison get under my skin.

I dropped my walls and made myself vulnerable to him.

But I’m that girl, the one who always does the smart thing.

And the smart thing would be walking away, before he pulls me in so deep I drown…

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