There’s no way I’ll fall for Wyatt Hennington. He can keep his Southern drawl, irresistible smile, and those pick-up lines all to himself. I made the mistake of sleeping with him not once, but twice. I’m not stupid enough to give him round three, especially after he left me... Read more
New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes us into a dangerous and exhilarating world where a deadly, beautiful archangel and his once-mortal consort are caught in a fury of twisted darkness… One of the most vicious archangels in the world has disappeared. No one knows if Lijuan is... Read more
Book four in the Wolfe Creek Series The ticking of the clock seemed to move slower when you had to wait for what you wanted. Gage Grey was the last of the Grey siblings to hit mating age. And he was suffering as much as they had. Why did... Read more
Wilde I had everything I had ever wanted. Wealth. Power. Success. I had created a place of sin where your deepest, darkest desires could be explored. What I didn’t have was her. Cassie. The forbidden always tastes more sweet. Cassie He was savage, dark and dangerous. Wrong on so... Read more
When Dom and Gigi first meet, he’s fresh out of hell and she’s dropped down straight from heaven. Their backgrounds couldn’t be more opposite. Their chemistry couldn’t be more explosive. He’s working security at her country club when he first sees her. She makes him hungry. He tries to... Read more
Mark and Paige are living in sin—that’s what any man of the cloth would say. All they want is to get married, but they refuse to exchange vows without their best friends—the Six. As they wait to hear back from them, Mark and Paige can’t help but feel they’ve... Read more
Quinn and I have a problem… His name is Jack Jameson. There’s a reason the name “Jack” is in the title of this book. He’s the one who’s got total control over the story. Yes, I’m still the narrator, but Jack’s invading our lives, taking us on a wild... Read more
Sasha Scott had a rough year; she spent the last twelve months picking herself up, healing her scared past and patching the wounds. Understandably, when the opportunity of managing the sale of the stylish, up market apartment presents itself, she jumps straight to it. The Grange Complex is located... Read more
Swift He’s smart and loyal, Skilled and focused. He broke her heart, To save her life. Kadie Harris can’t understand why the only man she’s ever loved has turned his back on her. He vanishes into the night without explanation, not unusual for him maybe, except this time he’s... Read more
Mark Pierce has worked hard to get where he is, and that is at the top of his game; in a career most people only dream about. He has dedicated mass amounts of time and energy to expand his father’s company– and watching it become the mega-corporation it is.... Read more
I didn’t realize I was just a mistress… Aspen Tucker had fallen in love with the hottest, richest, sexiest man she’d ever met. She wove dreams in her head of white knights and happily ever afters, and he only saw her as a kept mistress. A heartbreaking discovery forces... Read more
Carrie Beauchamp seems like she’s got it all. Beautiful, successful and care-free, she’s the darling of the social scene. But deep down, she’s hiding a secret pain. Gael Vivas broke her heart when he callously rejected her, but now he’s back, and Carrie’s going to do whatever it takes... Read more
He lives in the limelight, her life depends on staying out of it… On the run from a dangerous stalker and plagued by a traumatic past, coffee-shop manager Maggie Nelson avoids relationships at all costs. When a homeless man steps in to help her at work, she feels safe... Read more
Now that she and her best friends are out of danger, Cecily Carrigan is restless. A good job as a head chef and life with a sexy beast of a Russian mobster just don’t make her happy. She dislikes Cleveland, cold weather, and the Bratva. What’s a girl to... Read more
“State your name for the record.” They ask. “I don’t know.” I never know. Since the accident I’ve been a woman without a name, a home, a history. I have no memory of the woman I was before and it’s painful to think I could forget about myself. But... Read more