DAVE BALLARD is a tool. A high-level music exec with only one thing on his mind: getting ahead by leveraging the talents of others. When a coworker talks him into going to the middle of nowhere to scout a troubled singer, Dave thinks it will be an exercise in... Read more
His mission is to hire her, not fall in love with her! A werewolf just walked into hacker Angela Weaver’s life, and he’s about to make her an offer she can’t refuse. Sergeant James Arness is pack Alpha and a team leader in the Pentagon’s top secret Specialist Program,... Read more
Some secrets have to be kept. Some secrets are too shameful to tell. For years, Sophie has longed to give her husband not only her love but her submission as well, but fear of rejection has kept her from sharing the truth with him. Some desires can’t be denied,... Read more
Homeschooled and under the stifling grip of an overprotective father, Talia Fielding’s life is pretty miserable. Playing her beloved ukulele and writing songs is as close as she comes to having fun. But that all changes on the night of her eighteenth birthday. She’s invited to her first party... Read more
Whose parents abandon them in a trashy trailer when they are five years old? Oh Yeah! Mine do! Hey Hoochies! I’m Milly, and I am tired of taking kicks to the gut. A broken family, an asshole husband and the loss of loved ones have left me crying Uncle,... Read more
Le Veque… Knight… Johnstone… Fletcher… Cameron… Prince. Six of the top authors in Historical Romance have come together in a fantastic multi-genre collection. Six full-length historical romance novels take you back to the days when lords ruled over the kingdom, when men upheld the code of chivalry, and when... Read more
Spencer Kaufman When I signed on to the NHL, I promised to give 150% to the game. I’ve done that. Little did I know, but they would ask more from me than merely my skill on the ice. The team wanted me to be their captain. It’s an honor,... Read more
Spencer and Jesse forever… At least, that’s what Spencer used to doodle on the inside of all his notebooks when they were fifteen and completely in love. They were high school sweethearts, even planned on going to college together. They may not have been out and proud about it,... Read more
Boredom, the root of my evil. I had it all, dream job, boyfriend, stability. So I did the unthinkable, I packed up and left everything that was dear to me. Set out on the journey of a lifetime and it was all going to plan until I met him.... Read more
Go to Vegas…Accidentally marry a good girl… Logan Cross has nearly destroyed his career with his bad boy antics, and marrying his best friend’s little sister, Jezebel, has to be the stupidest thing he’s ever done. Now he needs a quickie divorce so that he can get back to... Read more
WELCOME TO RAVENSWOOD – Home to the Hottest Shifters and their BBW Mates Ravenswood is a special town. It attracts magic and has the highest population of Paranormals in the country. Here are the first THREE books in the Ravenswood series altogether for the first time! Fulfil your darkest... Read more
Jax is dangerous, deadly, and better still, he knows how to be patient. Whether it’s waiting for the perfect time to kill, or waiting for his woman to come to him. And he knows its just a matter of time before she does. Katie is still carrying the dark... Read more
The year is 2650, and humanity has reached the stars. Now that travel up and down the galactic arm can be accomplished in days, and humanity has colonized several inhabitable worlds and made alliances with multiple alien races, dating and marriage has started to take new forms. Whereas once,... Read more