They thought they had their happy ending. They were dead wrong. Eddie Roe has turned into a man that would do anything for his family. He never thought he’d have to prove the lengths he’d go to to keep them safe, but he’s willing to kill, fight, and die... Read more
He’s the boss. I’m the booty call… I gave my last relationship everything I had and got shafted in return. Now I’m all about proving I have what it takes to work amongst talented designers and architects of ARC Industries, and building a better future for myself. Then my... Read more
Charlie Cross is the reigning queen of dirty talk. As a phone sex operator, she’s fielded every kink and fetish in the book. Nothing fazes her. Okay, not entirely true. There’s one client who’s gotten under her skin. Grady. He’s dangerously close to peeling back the layers she’s worked... Read more
I need to destroy him, but he’s the father of my child. Jeff As a starting quarterback, the women are falling all over me. But Lexi’s always been that special one that I can never forget. We shared one week together a year ago, and she’s still fresh in... Read more
JAMISON I want to see how dirty she can be, how far I can push her limits. I want to taste her, lick her, make her take me deep. When I get rough with her, she doesn’t shy away. Her shudders of excitement tell me all I need to... Read more
Christmas Magic is changing and the Kringle Family scrambles to keep up in this fun and romantic, sweet Christmas romance from Author Lucy McConnell. When Ginger Kringle is branded to wear the magic red suit, she has to fall in love and get married before Christmas Eve to save... Read more
After going incognito as a barista in Rome, American social media relations CEO Elena Scott fell for her Italian billionaire, Leonardo Forte. After jumping in front of a bullet for Leo, she lands herself in a hospital with circumstances that have her questioning their future. Elena must choose to... Read more
This isn’t a fairy tale. I’ll save you the trouble by telling you that now. This is the tale of a girl who spent her life bouncing around foster homes, who had her innocence stolen in the darkness before she knew it was something that could be lost. Her... Read more
Demetrius Cade has long since let go of his prejudice against Morgonkind, the dragon hybrid race his father taught him to hate. But what he never saw coming was the Morgon woman who would finally teach him to love. Shakara Icewing has watched Demetrius Cade from afar for years.... Read more
DEATH SILENCES. LOVE ECHOES. Ruby Buckley is no stranger to loss. She lost her twins in their infancy, lost her son to his demons, and lost herself to a life she never wanted. Until him. Jim Stone is lost. He’s a father who doesn’t know how to parent, a... Read more
The star player with a troubled past… Cash Greenwood escaped a difficult past by becoming a star baseball player. Now, one of the major league’s rare double threats, all his effort is thrown into the sport. He’s never had any interest in women, until he meets the one woman... Read more
A little one-night stand doesn’t have to mean anything. At least that’s what Anna Jones keeps telling herself. Fresh off a terrible marriage, the last thing she’s looking for is love. Instead, she figures a one-night stand with the amazingly hot mobster Riley should scratch her itch. The only... Read more
No one expected a werewolf to be running a moonshine still. Hell, Jenson hadn’t expected to ever be a werewolf. A ridgerunner? Jenson’s seen that coming from birth. He inherited his still in the hills of east Tennessee from his daddy, and from his daddy’s poppa before that. What... Read more
I’ve got 99 problems but money ain’t one. Though a sister with cotton candy for brains, a spatula-wielding six-year-old niece with a British accent, and the mysterious businessman who left me that damn ticket are all currently vying for the top spot. When I became the sole winner of... Read more
He has one mission Since they were children, career cop Judd Hamilton has built his life around taking care of his best friend, Autumn Buchanan. While he might once have dreamed of a different future for them, everything changed the day her father tried to kill them both. Determined... Read more