I stuck my dick in a different woman every night. They lined up, pawing at me. All of them wanting to be part of the bad boy prestige that was Miller Hawes. Then they flipped the river… And she was mine. Sexy, compelling and the first woman who didn’t... Read more
Because adulting is hard… Hot mess, Reese MacDowell is in a rut. Her friends know it. Her family knows it. Even her nosy downstairs neighbor knows it. And when her high school reunion creeps up on her, Reese wants to run and hide, but her best friend holds her... Read more
Braden Cartwright’s a polar bear shifter that fights demons. Except the demons he’s fighting are within him. He’s headed to Bear Canyon Valley to catch up with his nephew Bain, and hopefully to catch a break from his demons. Dakotah Lopez wonders if she jumped from the frying pan... Read more
Lainey has lost everyone she’s loved. Her parents. Her grandma. And now her fiance. When her fiance’s brother, Brad walks in like a knight in shinning armor ready to offer her support, she can’t help but feel the pull of deep attraction that has her running scared. Lainey tries... Read more
He was my brother’s best friend. He was seven years older than me. He was a pig when it came to casual sex; indulging in one night stands like they were going out of style. So why did I want to tear his clothes off every time we got... Read more
Life in the limelight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. After years of constant touring, and a close call with an overly obsessive fan, Bristol Lachlan has reached her breaking point. Running on fumes, and fighting a wicked case of writer’s block, the lead singer of Absent Without... Read more
I’m the man who can make your hottest fantasies feel like a G-rated movie. Langston I’m one of the highest-paid linebackers in the NFL. They call me the Monster of the Midwest because I hit hard—and play harder. Women fall at my feet and wise men step aside. Now... Read more
“I’ll make Heidi my wife no matter what it takes…” Money changes everything … except True Love. She’s an exotic dancer. He’s the star quarterback. Sparks fly the moment they meet. When the tables are turned financially, things really heat up between them. Heidi I never expected to meet... Read more
Addiction: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. Ruby was sin and sex. The ultimate indulgence and worth every penny she cost me. I paid for her body, but didn’t know she’d end up embedded in my... Read more
Everyone wants to sample forbidden fruit. A single taste is never enough to satisfy the craving. The coach you desperately want to learn things from… A stranger you meet on the streets of Chicago… The underage neighbor you can’t stay away from… A bearded bartender you lust after despite... Read more
Shocking revelations… After a night of tequila shots with her two new friends, Bailey Scott discovers that their husbands all died on the exact same day five years ago. Shocked, hung over, and in deep denial, she vows to put the entire evening behind her and never give it... Read more
With the draft sending everyone he knows off to war in 1969, the threat to his own mortality is the only thing on Bennett Sawyer’s mind . . . until the day his life entangles with Ana Maxwell’s. When a cruel twist of fate threatens to force them apart... Read more
After having her heart broken, the last thing on earth that Debra was looking for, or even expected was new love, but her mom’s second marriage on a luxurious cruise liner turned out to be the perfect setting for new love to bloom. Upon meeting her soon to be... Read more
CAL She doesn’t trust me. And she’s g*ddamn right not to. I get what I want, when I want it. Especially when what I want is Andi Wagner, all legs and tits and pouty lips. We’ve been dancing around each other for a while now. It’s only a matter... Read more
The whole world might be in love with him. But all he’s ever loved is her. Grant Turner’s name is synonymous with football. The fans and media can’t get enough of the player known as The Invincible Man, a nickname he earned while growing up in one of the... Read more