Fate is the life we’re given. Destiny is what we do with it. Captured as a child and forced into slavery by the Rebellion’s leader, Brenna Haven was raised in near isolation with the utmost cruelty. She knew nothing of kindness, or compassion, until Fate orchestrated her rescue. Finally... Read more
When the wizard of Gryphon Isle calls for help from the Southern Lair, can it be that the blind dragon and his friends are the only ones with courage enough to answer? The enemy has run from the dragons’ defense, but now they’ve turned their arrows and blades on... Read more
They call him The Prince of the Isle, I call him BOSS. Rosaleen What I’d really like to call him is STUD, but I’m only the maid and there’s no chance he’ll even look my way. So I focus on what is real – holding down a steady job,... Read more
In Checkmate, the fifth book of The Cassano Series, Adrian and Victoria are settling into their happy life together. Xavier is waiting for Tara to give him an answer to his monumental question, and Sadie is about to drop a bomb on Simon; news that will rock their world.... Read more
Welcome to my new Western series, Cowboy Tough, the handsome and sexy guys who round up cattle, ride in rodeos, uphold law and order or maybe get themselves in the odd fight or two. However, they all have one thing in common; they’re lovable guys hiding under one tough... Read more
HE PULLED ME IN HIS BED, AND THEN SIGNED MY DEATH WARRANT. Jason Fowler is a dirty bastard. When he’s not out there f****** things up, he’s in here, f****** my brains out. I was supposed to kill him. Instead, I found myself screaming his name. I couldn’t stop... Read more
Navy SEAL Dylan Van Doren knows a thing or two about keeping his enemies at bay. But even though Astrid Hughes is—was—the maid of honor in his brother’s disaster of a non-wedding, she doesn’t look like his enemy. She doesn’t feel like one, either, when he pulls her into... Read more
SEALs on Vacation Jilted groom Garrett Van Doren didn’t expect to spend his wedding night alone. But finding Callie Jones in his bed—naked—also wasn’t in the plan. The mortifying hotel room mix up never should have happened but Garrett needs someone to keep him from jumping into the next... Read more
A CLUB TO SATE YOUR DARKEST PLEASURES WAS THE LAST PLACE YOU’D EXPECT TO FIND A GIRL LIKE ME WITH A MAN LIKE HIM. It was supposed to be an adventure. Anonymous. No chance that I’d ever see the other person again, especially not in a big city like... Read more
He thought he’d been careful… Bhric has an obsession he doesn’t want anyone to know about. A weakness that could take him down if it were found out. There’s also the problem of what he is. He rarely shifts because he doesn’t have to. The beast inside him already... Read more
Sometimes getting lost is the best way home . . . After a painful youth spent in foster homes, Special Forces soldier Edward Giordano has all but given up on love. Returning to New York from a dangerous mission in Costa Rica with no one to welcome him home,... Read more
I’ve always hated Hunter Altman. I hated him at first sight, in my teens, when my mother met his worthless father. I hated when Bill moved in with us, dragging Hunter like bad baggage. I hated when Mom and Bill made it official, turning the delinquent a-hole in the... Read more
After a tough year losing her mom and bills mounting, Holly Yates is in for a lonely Christmas. But when she hears a news report that the small principality of Coronia is looking for their lost princess, she recognizes her baby photo on the news and is astounded. Felix... Read more
Royal House of Shadows Part 1 by Gena Showalter: The princess, the vampire Jane Parker has lost just about everything when she wakes up into a life she never could have imagined. The vampire Nicolai has lost his memory and his freedom. It’s his cry for help that whisks... Read more
Contemporary Romance Author Casey Clipper introduces you to her Lunchtime Read Collection. A series about five brothers, each story perfect for your lunch break or while waiting to pick the kids up from dance class, baseball practice, or wherever else you may be stuck in the car, at the... Read more