He is loyal. He is steadfast. He is the home she never knew. She is broken. She is afraid. She is worthy of his fight. Millicent Valentine is a woman in love—and it scares the shit out of her. Pushing away the keeper of her heart felt like her... Read more
Tonya Cole was set to marry Roman Thomas, and all was right in her world. That is until his best friend and best man, Grayson Porter, accused her of cheating just days before the wedding. Instead of standing by Tonya, Roman dumped her—hard—and left her with nothing, no job,... Read more
New York Times bestselling author Lane Hart has more than a dozen steamy stories. Download Links Ge.tt Userscloud (Note: Use Userscloud to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
When your heart belongs to another…. The best part of Kate’s day was when her billionaire boss, Adam Kingsley walked in. The two of them seemed to have something that was amazing and real, but then Adam’s family got in the way, preferring Paula over her. She’d done everything... Read more
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Nathan Lewis always finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Burdened by his guilt, Nate’s unable to let go of his painful memories. He keeps to himself, refusing to let anyone else in for fear that they’ll learn the truth. When a nosy reporter starts investigating... Read more
I knew seducing my teacher was wrong, I just couldn’t stop myself. I have a crush. Who can blame me? Mr. Danvers is hot. All the girls think so. All the boys, too. He’s my father’s best friend and twice my age. I’m eighteen and should have graduated with... Read more
Julio Reyes has had a hard life. Orphaned at fourteen, he ran away from a group home to avoid rape but wound up being an independent prostitute in NYC. He has a life plan–go to school, become a stylist and open his own salon. Etienne Daurensbourg is one-hundred and... Read more
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This brat is about to be taught a lesson. MAX She’s off limits. The one girl I can’t have. Of course, I don’t know that when I see her for the first time and bury myself inside her. But I’m marrying her mother… a loveless marriage that means nothing... Read more
Reaper came for all of us Jerked us up from the brine Slipped out from his bony fingers Landed on our feet just fine Took four steps to Freedom Took four souls to the line Spat at the Devil at the Crossroads Drank our sins with sweet wine —... Read more
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Everything comes with a price… Even me. I’ve always lived a life full of rules, and I always followed them—until I met Quinn. When that arrogant wall of muscle showed up in my bar with his sexy smile, I was hooked. His hands were possessive, stroking me like I... Read more