She’s reaching for a lifelong dream. Penelope has made a living taking concert photos for the newspaper entertainment section, but her dreams are much bigger. She dreams of getting close with a rock and roll band and taking pictures of everything, immersing herself in the rock and roll lifestyle.... Read more
Though seducing a mortal is expressly forbidden, novice witch Willow Ostreth wants Austin. Bad. Unbeknownst to Willow, Austin-the glorious, delicious specimen who makes her heart pound and her body weep-is no mere mortal. He’s really Damien DeWinter, a powerful warlock, a man determined to lure Willow-and bind her-to his... Read more
For Aleks, the third time wasn’t the charm…and fighting for survival was only the beginning… Aleks is a tattoo artist at Inked. He’s also a man with a troubled history and a future bent on vengeance. But his plans for revenge are derailed when he meets a man with... Read more
Will his billion-dollar fortune cause him to lose the woman he loves? Jarryd Westbourne is shocked to have inherited a billion-dollar fortune from the mother who’d given him up for adoption. Unfortunately, business complications force him to keep it a secret from everyone for a period of time, even... Read more
What happens when Mr. Right Now turns out to be Mr. Right? From the moment she fell into my lap, I knew I wanted her… The first time billionaire mogul Parker Barnes wraps his arms around Alyson, she fits so perfectly against him–he thinks she belongs there and nowhere... Read more
Turning forty, for Lannie Marvin, is rough. It’s the day she discovers her husband is leaving her for a younger “soulmate.” At work, a crazed mouse being treated with an experimental drug brutally bites her. Then, Lannie goes a little crazy, too. Seems she’s recently developed a serious crush... Read more
The next installment in the bestselling Alpha Series. The Baby Game Ronnie Taylor and husband Harry had agreed they’d wait a few years until starting a family. So when Ronnie discovers she’s pregnant after being a bit too casual with her contraception, she finds herself in a dilemma. Harry... Read more
My name is Styx Sterling and I’m a fucking giver… Most would say of great orgasms and rough sex, but I have so much more to offer, and when I find the right one I’m giving her everything that I fucking have in me: my heart, my soul, and... Read more
Spiraling- A fast declining mental or emotional state. Army Sniper Sergio Nichols knows what it’s like to be on top of the world. He’s had the greatest days of his life, until he has the worst day of his life. How do you start all over? How do you... Read more
GET FETTERED THIS FALL! Three fall 2016 releases in a new series full of steamy romance, light kink, and surrender to all that is possible. Emily Madigan is Seattle’s best wedding planner. Her superpower is managing a thousand details without dropping a single one, and her deepest desire is... Read more
Two months have passed since Kylie first accidentally awoke the gargoyle, Luc. (Surely other women get drunk and decide on a whim to kiss a statue too, right?) With each passing day Kylie, Luc and the rest of their growing clan are searching for other gargoyles to free from... Read more
Tippy Madison has a pretty big secret—she’s a twenty-eight year old virgin. Thanks to her awkward teenage years, then a crazy college schedule, and, finally, her struggling bookstore, she simply hasn’t had time to date. When her beloved bookstore burns down one night, she ends up having a confrontation... Read more
Daisy Smith has spent eighteen months of her life paying for a crime she didn’t commit. Now out of prison, she has only one focus—to get back custody of her younger brother, Jesse, who is deep in the foster care system. Desperate to rebuild her life and show the... Read more
As a submissive, Zach stayed out of pack issues. He showed up when it was required, but for the most part, he stuck with those like him. When he comes across a business card of a man selling his kind, Zach has to step up or step aside. She... Read more
In the fourth sexy book by New York Times bestseller Anne Marsh, Rohan MacCarthy—former SEAL commander and co-owner of the Search and SEALs canine-training business—married impulsively before shipping out for a final tour of duty. Now this SEAL is home and ready to settle down, but he’ll have to... Read more