The Coronado Series: Book 1 – 3 Latched Book One Betrayed by her ex–fiancé, Birdie James decides a sexy fling will give her the...

The Coronado Series: Book 1 – 3

Book One
Betrayed by her ex–fiancé, Birdie James decides a sexy fling will give her the excitement she needs without the problems of a relationship. Luckily for her, Mr. Right Now is gorgeous, interested and curls her toes with one look. There’s just one problem.
Lieutenant Commander, Mark Frazier sees Birdie, and he only wants one thing. Her, forever. As a SEAL, he flourishes beneath both trials and adventure. However, changing the mission directive of this woman may be the biggest challenge of his life.
What happens when a woman whose life is based on certainty targets a Navy SEAL who thrives on the unknown? Can Mark find a way to overcome her stubborn mindset and convince her to give them a chance? Or is her heart latched against him?

Book Two
When a stalker targets Rory Basso, she thinks she can handle the situation on her own. Then it escalates. Fearing for her safety, she take the advice of her best friend and hires a security professional to help her track down and eliminate the threat. But Max is more than she expects.
Max Bishop hasn’t met a target he can’t acquire or a mission he can’t complete. Until Rory. As a retired Navy SEAL and CEO of Security Alliance International, he has spent most of his life in charge. Now his mission is to convince this headstrong woman that he can protect her….and love her.
Can Rory trust Max with her safety and her love? Will he convince her to place her protection and heart in his hands? Or will the person terrorizing her snatch the opportunity away?

Includes Bonus Novelette: Ed & Amelia from Matched

Book Three
Cary Simmons is a kindergarten teacher. Her boring life leaves her craving a summer of adventure, a kick start into an exciting future. However, when her car breaks down in the middle of the California desert, she decides to make the most of it. After all, a biker bar holds some pretty adventurous men, right?
Travis Mathers can’t believe his eyes when a pretty little thing walks into the roughest bar in Ripley wearing a flowered sundress. Instantly, the retired Navy Seal knows this woman needs his protection, and he’s going to give it whether she wants it or not. Besides, who could possibly have more to show her about adventure?
Can Travis convince Cary that he can turn around her boring life? Can Cary fight the allure of a risk-taking alpha male? How long can they resist becoming attached?

Includes Bonus Novelette: Derick & Gracie from Matched

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